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    Question The Story of Darth Vader

    Has anyone read this book? It is from the Masterpiece Edition. I got it for $2.00. I don't care about the figures, but I'll take the books. I think they would make great additions to my SW Library.
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    I flipped thru it once when it first came out. it seemed a little premature considering a good portion of his history (Episodes II and III) weren't out yet, So I skipped it...
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    This is the book with the 13" Anakin figure, right? It's not bad, a collection of stories from films, books, etc.
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    I was wondering the same thing about it be to soon,because the other two movies haven't came out yet.I maybe wrong though I haven't read it yet.
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    They did the "much of the information from the pre-Clone Wars era has been lost" thing. I love that. NOT!!!!

    Otherwise it's an okay book full of "collectibles" info on Darth Vader...

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    There are two other Master piece editions: one of Aurra Sing and the other of C3P0, but i'm not sure what books came in those would be interesting to check it out. Im planning to buy those 3 (including vader), so i'll let u guys know whats there when i get them.
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    Well, I received the book in the mail today. Haven't started reading it yet.

    It arrived along w/ the '94 HB Star Wars Technical Journal. I'm assuming this is a culmination of the 4 magazine style Tech. Journals that were produced back then. So far it looks pretty good. I especially like the Cantina layout. Will help in the customizing dept.

    I've also been curious about the other Masterpiece books. I could care less about the figures. It's just a matter of finding the books for sale w/out the fig.
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    The book was an interesting read, except when they tried to fit The Splinter of the Mind's Eye novel in with actual Star Wars continuity. Not cool!!

    Let's see if I remember it: Luke is trapped under fallen rubble so Leia grabs his lightsaber and lunges at Vader, who deflects her pathetic blow easily and slices her face open with his lightsaber. Then Vader walks up to the downed Leia and.......are you ready?......trips and falls into a hole!! Luke and Leia then congratulate themselves on defeating Vader and they live happily ever after.
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    Hey BB! Maybe they should take Splinter, reprint it and add an infinities symbol.

    I've never been to up on the story, but it is still part of my ever expanding SW Library.
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    Then they could release the Ewok movies and the Droids/Ewoks cartoons on DVD with infinities symbols.

    Could you imagine if the Ep1 DVD showed up with an infinities symbol on the cover? Methinks many Star Wars fans would be dancing in the streets.
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