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    Question Star Wars Guide to characters?

    I book it becaus eit was pretty cool, but i was wondering if second was released since the birth of new characters and for the lack of many that wre excluded?
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    Are you referring to the Essential Guide to Characters? There's not a second volume or updated version for that one. I hope there's one soon, though--it's cool, but way out of date.
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    I have it on good authority that there will be new versions of all of the essential guides sooner rather than later, including Episode II characters.

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    Exclamation they'd better

    It is extremely out of date. They should re-do it after Episode II comes out. That would make me happy! They should also re-do the Vehicles one.
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    Yes, that is the one I was talking about. And, yes it is outdated. I hope that they do release another volume or something. It was a cool book.
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    All the Essentials

    I think all of the Essential books will need a re-do.
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    I thought I read somewhere (Insider, perhaps?) that the Essential Guide to Chars would be updated to include more EU characters plus the TPM ones. Could be wrong.
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    Yes, BCJ, see my post above. They'll all get a primo E2-adjacent rerelease. The Character Guide will be the first and will come out in April.

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    I want an update to the Essential Guide to Weapons and Technology and the Essential Guide to Vehicles & Vessels.
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    How about an Essential Update to All the Essential Guides Previously Published once a year? Or done as 3-ring binders so you can buy new inserts to add.
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