There have been a lot of conjecture on what is going on in each scene from the recently released trailer. I offer a new perspective on one particular image.

I submit for your proposal, that the shot of the children 'hooked up' to machines are not simply clones, but are actually TELEMARKETERS! If you look at them closely, you will see that each has a headset and somekind of switchboard in front of them. That symbol on their shoulder is actually the corporate logo for CT&T (Coruscant Telephone and Telegraph).

Let's think about this rationally. What could be the potentially most menacing power in the universe? TELEMARKETERS!

The cloning of these fiends makes perfect sense in that in the SW universe there are a huge number of worlds. In order to sell vinyl siding, long-distance calling plans, and car rustproofing to trillions of Republic citizens you would need a countless amount of callers to reach all those potential consumers. By using the cloning technology the Sith could fill this huge void and annoy all those they purvey.

Man, who'd of thought G.Lu would have come up with the single most horrific image spawed from our day and put it in EP2?