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    How much are the Trash Compactor Sets?

    What is the retail for these sets? Because I can't find them, and amoktime has 'em, but they want a ludicrous 60 bucks for them.

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    60 for them??????
    They must be insane........I'm still waiting other online stores to get them, for a price between 15-20, but who knows.....
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    $60 for them is insane. They retail at Wal-Mart for $17.99, I believe. Try Yestertoys. They are $23.00 for Mint and $21.00 for non-Mint. Screw Amok Time, they are one of the most expensive places on the net for stuff. Just hit Yestertoys and type Trash into the search box.

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    yea, you're also talking about a retailer that claims that the bootlegged clone troopers are an over seas exclusive...

    Give'em time to show up. Wait longer and they will be on clearance. I think that's an ancient chinese proverb.


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