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    Question Best and Worst Star Wars Figure of 2002

    What's your best and worst SW for 2002? Here's mine-

    Best- Ephant Mon (excellent!! I think it's the best yet)
    Worst- Anakin Outland Disguise and Mace Geonosian Rescue (my other choice would be Geonosian Warrior- good sculpt, but they can't stand and no holes for action stands)

    Deluxe Figures-
    Best- Clone Trooper w/ Speeder Bike
    Worst- The Force Flipping series

    Best- Tie between Tie Bomber and Republic Gunship
    Worst- Crashed Snowspeeder and X-wing

    Best- Ackley
    Worst- Don't have one, I like them all

    Best- Zuckass
    Worst- Mace Windu (I like the Ep.1 better)

    Unleashed Figures-
    Best- Boba & Jango and Darth Vader
    Worst- Darth Maul (not a big Maul fan, I guess because Hasbro burned him out too many times with me)

    BEST & WORST goes to the Arena Playset- It's the only one!!!
    I do like it, but there are some flaws- Only get two pillars and the balcony is not big enough to hold enough figs to make a movie scene (Dooku,Poggle,Jango,Boba,Nute Gunray).Plus the Ackley takes up the whole arena- It needs to be bigger overall.
    But I was going to Tosche Station to pick up some Star Wars figures!!!

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    Best and Worst of the figures:
    Best= KE Jango Fett.
    Worst= 1st Padme (Coruscant attack?)
    Best Deluxe= Clone Trooper
    Best Vehicle= Dagobah X-Wing
    Best Unleashed= Darth Vader
    Best 12"= Super Battle Droid (I just like 'em)
    Best Beast= I'm gonna say Nexu even though he is really a Deluxe

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    Best = collection 2, generally speaking. Yay for Ephant and Palpatine.
    Worst = Collection 1, generally speaking. Boo for Arena Padme, Final Mace, Outland Pegwarmer Ani, C3P0. Ick.

    Yay for Gunship and Nexu.

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    HELLO....what about Bespin Duel Luke Skywalker?

    Only the best figure (minus action feature) of 2002.

    Best Vehicle... Tie Bomber (Definitely!)
    Worst Vehicle... probably Dagobah X-Wing...too flimsy looking.

    Worst Figure...probably Final Battle Jango!
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    I don't know about this thread. What are the criteria for a good figure? What are they graded on? These are all things that you have to find out before you judge.

    No one likes the GR Mace or Arena Padme. Still those two figures are taken right out of the movie. They are like snap shots. They are great for scene builders. They may not have much play value, but when they are in a diorama, they look terrific. Everyone loves the deluxe Clone Trooper, but that scene wasn't even in the movie. I know it got cut, but why not have a Geonosian with Dewback beast pack. I mean that wasn't in the movie either, but it could happen.

    No one likes the force flipping figures, but these have the best play value of all. Not to many action figures actually flip in the air and land on their feet (it can be done and is quite easy, if you know what you are doing). It's great fun for kids to flip their figures into a pile of bad guys.

    So before you hand out death and judgment of a figure, you should at least list some sort of grading method. Other wise it is unfair.
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    i'm sorry but the best unleashed figures are darth maul and anakin, i mean look at the detail they put into maul's face, vader and boba and jango are all easy characters to design.

    now i'm not saying that they are bad figures, i mean i like jango and boba, 2 of my favorite bounty hunters but you have to look at the detail of maul and anakin.

    1 last thing, i think the new darth vader with removable mask looks better that the old one
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    Well, here are some of my choices. As far as Best Figure goes, I'd have to say that I really love Bespin Luke, Lott Dod, Padme Courscant Attack, Palpatine and the Clone Trooper and the Clone Pilot (I've yet to find Ephant Mon!). As far as Worst Figure, I would say Mace (hideous head sculpt, action feature blows), Arena Padme, and any of the deluxes (barring Nexu).
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    Best - Kamino Escape Jango - too many gadgets and goodies
    Worst- Zam preview. - useless crap

    12 Inch- Ultimate Jango- perhaps the best eva. Dooku gets honorable mention here.
    12 inch worst- Zam -the proportions are wierd or Anakin - what's with the orange shirt and it just had so much potential.
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    Best - can't really decide, but Ephant Mon, Anakin TA, Darth Maul ST and Luminara are the favorite ones
    Worst - C-3PO, those remov. pads are plain ugly IMO

    Best - Darth Maul
    Worst - I like them all (although I don't have anyone besides maul) but I think Padme would be my least favorite

    and to icatch9, you can't say mace and padme are right out of the movie IMO, since Mace never put up such a screaming face in the arena (or the whole movie) and padme is in a very weird pose IMO, and I won't talk about those ugly joint that take away even more of the figure...
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    Best figures:
    -TA Anakin
    -HD Anakin
    -Count Dooku
    -Pilot Obi-Wan
    -Coruscant Chase Obi-Wan
    -KE Jango

    Worst figures:
    -GR Mace
    -Outland Peasant Ani


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