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Thread: THE NEW gunship

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    THE NEW gunship

    Does any body know how big it is or if it can fit a person in the cockpit. Becuase if that cockpit is large enough to hold a guy that the cargo area would be large enough the store people. I can't wait. I jus hope it's big enough


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    ill be happyas long as the cargo area can carry at least 8 stormtrooper mm figures into battle or even naval troopers may look good flying that thing , ive always wanted a ship that could carry stormies into battle coz the ;anding craft and shuttle would be shot down the time its managed to land and disimbark troops into the middle of a large battle :-)!!!!!!!!!!!

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    hawkwing that's exactly how i think of toys. I say jus like you. " To carry troops into battle." I want it to be large enough to hold alot of troops too. Let's cross our fingers


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    I'm with both you guys. I want a Gunship that can take troops into battle. I also want one that my troops can fly. And I'll probably use stormtroopers in the troop bay and a TIE Pilot to fly it. If the cockpit can hold mini-figures. But, it just won't be the same. This is a CLONE SHIP. AND I WANT CLONE TROOPERS. We should all write to Hasbro and let them know that we want AF mini-figures.
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    I know waht you mean. I love the Tyderium and the Imperial Landing Craft. But wouldn't be nicer to be large enough to fit at least 2-4 stormies in their cockpits.

    Hope the Gunship will have a larger body. Who knows maybe in the future we'll see some Clone Troopers in some battle packs.
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    ive been forced in the past to imporvise assualt craft , such as the sancrawler which makes a great adversary to the at-at ,both docked next to eachother with the at-at ramp hatch door loweard and troops battling it out and some being pushed of an fall to the ground ..great fun :-)

    Does anyone know if the starship trooper af retreaval ship can fit troops in its big cargo compartment in the back ??

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    If the Retreval ship is the green one then yes it can. Not many, but I think you can get about 6 mini-figs in the cargo hold. Sorry I haven't seen the movie for a while, I forgot what ship is what
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    Hawkwind, Jangu is correct about the SST Retrieval Ship. the back hatch opens to an approx 1 or 1.5 cubic inch cargo hold.

    As far as assault craft, what about the Aliens Drop Ship & APC?
    You can either store troops in the cargo ramp of the drop ship, or put an MM APC in there, land it, roll-out the APC, then make a quick switch to the AF APC, and deploy the troops from there!

    And, as long as you're mixing movies, the Final Fantasy Copperhead has a cargo hold almost the same size as the one on the SST Retrieval Ship, and the Copperhead looks great displayed & played with along side of AFs.

    If you're fortunate enough to have an opener Predator Warrior Transport (I don't have an opener of it ), it has a good amount of troop holding area, too.

    It's a shame the MTT's slide-out carriage can't be easily disengaged to free-up troop cargo space.
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    swafman dude that's exactly what I think of. We all think a like. The copperhead is good to hold a couple ( At most 3) and the sst rs is pretty nice considering it has troop area and bombs. I love the aliens Af. The narcisucus can fit perfectly with the matchbox mega-rig space station. And the dropship is a beauty considering all that it can go escpecially becuase you can take the white missile packs out and pretend to load them. That's why i cringe when i look at that prototype af base with the yellow loader. SO much play there yet we didn't get a chance.


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    A cool troop-carrying AF is the Battle Squads AAV (Amphibious Assault Vehicle(AAV7A1)). While not space-based, it has a LOT of seats and looks like it could fit in the future; mine hangs out with the Aliens APC, both vehicles evac troops and locals from under-siege areas like the Yavin base or my wall.

    There's also a small hold on the BS Merkava tank that could hold a few figs, and the BS C-130 obviously, though it's pretty hard to pretend it looks futuristic.

    The Bandai Power Rangers Time Force Megazord and Time Shadow Megazord (recently sold together in a 2-pack at TRU) is made up of a total of 6 space vehicles, 5 of which hold 1 AF minifig each (and combine to a larger space vehicle) and the 6th holds 6 minifigs. The first 5 transform into a larger space vehicle AND a giant robot (techically, 2 different robots, 1 at a time), the 6th vehicle transforms into a robot AND armor for the other robot.

    Sadly, there's no way to access the holds on the Xyber-9 AF-style sets, but several look like they coulda held at least 4 figs anyway.
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