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    Gen. Jan Dodonna pack-in / accessories

    If / when Gen. Jan Dodonna wins the fan's choice poll what will we be getting with him??
    He will be in that big bubble package and we have to get something with him. A big gigantic gun??
    Seriously, what do you think we should / will get with him besides a piece of flooring as a base??

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    Make him a Deluxe figure, and include the Holographic War Room table. Either that or keep him as a basic figure, and just include the holographic screen from the briefing room scene. I would prefer the Deluxe idea. As long as he came with a removable soft goods or soft plastic/rubber trenchcoat.

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    Make him Deluxe & as a pack in make General Rieeken!!!! YES!!

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    No more soft goods please!
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    he'll doubtless be a basic figure and just come with some sort of baton for pointing to the projected plans on the vid panel. But he might come with the vid panel which would be nice. Some sort of strategy plan meeting with rebel pilots could be acted out that way. If he's going to be a 2-pack then I want comander Wilard with him. But that's not likely. Old men figures tend to come with nothing much but a hand held staff or gun or baton. As he'd be a fan's choice he might get the vid screen or if we're lucky the kiddie pool death star tracking screen thingy. Again that would be cool but then I'd be wanting the rebel tactician with black hair and the headset or Commander Willard or Commander Evram Lajaia and the clear plexiglass tactical screen that stands behind them in the Yavin scenes and the green uniformed cap wearing rebel soldiers and the small cargo transport barge with crates of republic credits for Han and and and - stuff.

    God knows what hasbro would do with Dodonna. Stick him in some stayin' alive dance pose and paint him pink, give him a transforming feature that flips him into fighting stance ninja rebel commando action dude or something. Hasbro would probably feel that an old man figure would need something to make him more exciting and saleable so shove an almighty rocket up his jacksie and then we could fire Dodonna into orbit against the hordes of evil opressing imperials.

    Got carried away there. I think a small accessory is all we might get, like Ellors madak. The kiddie pool screen or the tactical screen would be good though.

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    If they make him deluxe, then he'll end up a Target exclusive and most of us will never see him.
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    It's a Fan Choice figure, it's not going to be a Exclusive. So it won't matter if it's Deluxe or Basic. Just do a good job on the figure is all I ask. As for the comment about Soft goods. Yeah, sometimes they can be bad.

    But you would need soft goods or a soft plastic/rubber trenchcoat for Dodonna. He's dressed in the typical Rebel Officer uniform during most of the movie. But during the briefing and the medal ceremony, he's wearing his coat. I want the option of displaying him for either scene.

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    They could pack-in one of the R2 units from the Rebel pilot briefing.:happy:

    Or beard & moustache trimmers.

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    Hmm, I'd go with:
    -Attachable "hidden" blaster like Ephant Mon's vibro-dagger
    -Small video console with DS plans like Wuher's droid detector

    Most likely though he'll be like Palpatine and come with just a baton or nothing.
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    I think we should see less accessories but better sculpts, I mean Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, that is an amazing figure but no accessories.
    Whereas Padme Amidala Arena battle has that big accessory but the sculpt isn't too cool... a nice sculpt is all that's needed


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