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Thread: Arrrrrgh!!!!

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    Well, look on the brightside Chuxter. Were getting FOUR trailers instead of two this time!

    Eventually, E! and CNN and MTV and (as JT said) the local news will be showing these things all the time. So basically you are griping about not seeing them RIGHT NOW. I didn't bother to download the first trailer because I knew it would end up on TV on Monday, so I just got my VCR ready. The same holds true for the other trailers. Be patient, my young padawan.

    Complain all you want about Harry Potter AFTER YOU WATCH IT. Heck, even I might be let down and complain along side you. But calling it "crummy" BEFORE you see it is just plain ignorant.

    Ahhhh...Wing Commander. JT I feel your pain. The only thing I remember about that movie was this: A father about my age (mid 20's) had brought his five year old son to the film. When the "Trailer" came on my friend and I watched the look of pure joy that wiped across this small boy's face. I kept thinking that's what I felt like 20 years ago. I turned to my friend and said "He's the luckiest kid on the planet to be getting his first sense of awe and excitement from Star Wars. I wish I was five years old again." And then of course, the movie started and I was forced to rip my own eyes from my skull.
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    In a way, these trailers are like the Exclusive 12" figures from '98, everybody has a different thing to try to entice you in, but none are SO different that you want to have 'em all because they're so expensive too. And, like the 12" Leia Hoth, these trailers are soon easily found anywhere at rock-bottom prices.

    Wing Commander was the only movie I ever saw where the ushers wouldn't let anybody out of the theater. Man, what were they thinking?!?
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