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    Question About The Latest Re-release Of The Trilogy On Vhs

    hey this may sound like a stupid question to some of you but i was out of the star wars community for about a year however ive recently found my interest in the saga renewed and im just curious to know if the latest re-release of the trilogy from about a year ago is widescreen....

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    The 2000 release comes in both widescreen and regular "pan and scan" version. Heck I even found Spanish versions over here at the local Wal-Marts.
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    Spanish versions of the box. Cuzz the movie is still in english, and it also includes a behind the scenes of EPII.
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    The newest re-release comes in both formats. However, you will have to find the widescreen version at a video specialty store (or an online retailer). Outlets such as Target and Wal-Mart, from what I can tell, carry only the pan-and-scan edition.


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