I'm beginning to get extremely annoyed with this AOTC trailer garbage!

It's bad enough that the first trailer costs $30 to download if you want a full-sized version. But now, the second trailer is exclusive to the DVD website. I know I can't be the only person with a DVD player, but not a DVD-ROM drive. Sure, there's one at work, and I'd be willing to take my entire lunch break to download it, but the computers here have no sound! And, since the first trailer wasn't savable, I'm assuming I can't save it and view it at home!

And the third one with Harry Potter! I don't want anyone to think I'm a Potter-hater, but it's something I'm completely ambivalent toward. I'm not planning to go to the most hyped movie of the year, stand in line for hours to get tickets, pay $10 or more for two tickets, deal with a bunch of little kids, and watch a movie that not only doesn't interest me in the least but which, I'm gathering from the endless commercials and previews I've been bombarded with, has special effects that hopefully got people fired from ILM! Not to mention that if I were to change my mind, I'd want to read the book first.

Sorry, just felt the need to vent.