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    Star Wars Checks

    I contacted the Anthony Grandio Company, the one offering the Star Wars themed checks (in the latest Star Wars Insider).

    After some calculation, the price per check comes to a whopping (approximate) .15 cents per check! That's in stark contrast to the .05 cents or so from someplace like .

    The checks look good, but the price is just too high, especially for something so disposable as a check...for me anyway.

    Anyone else look into getting these?

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    HA HA HA....

    Go to this site:

    Check out the Star Trek type letters in the console type pictures surround the text:


    LOL!!! It has Star Wars Episode I The Phantom Menace!!! SWEI-TPM!!!

    Oh well, at least I thought is was amusing.........:happy:

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    I don't write many checks (think I'm up to 470 after 10 years with an account), but I have the Classic Trilogy SW checks from Deluxe. I don't believe they're offered anymore, but their price was virtually the same as standard special checks. I, too, liked the look of the new SW checks, but the price was higher than I'd prefer. I still have about 100 checks left, so I should be good to go until at least Episode VII comes out.
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    I can't even find them on the site! crap!
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