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    What would you do?

    Ok, you've just moved into a house about two months ago, having fled your previous home that was in a neighborhood filled with loud, rude people who bump their stereos all hours of the night and day. After run ins with them, you vow to handle problems with neighbors better in the future. You move in to a new house in a better part of town, and everything is reasonably peaceful for the first two months. Then, the empty house next door becomes occupied by someone who owns a large dog. This dog has a huge yard to run in, but delights only in standing next to the part of the fence 4 feet away from your bedroom window and barking, loud and long. What do you do?

    1. You don't want to call the police, as this will not endear your neighbors to you. Also, the police couldn't give a crap less that you can't sleep. There's much more important naughty pot dealers out there to arrest.

    2. You go over and politely introduce yourself, and ask if theres anything that can be done. They refuse, and say something like, "Have you ever tried to shut a dog up? It's impossible" (It is, by the way, possible, I've owned dogs, and it's called training.)

    2.(a) You even go so far as to offer to purchase one of those bark restricting devices, such as a collar, that zaps the dog when it barks. They refuse this, as it would "be cruel to the dog" Not as cruel as waking him up at 4 am when he has to be up at 6.

    3. The only option it seems you have left is to purchase a bottle of antifreeze from the store and feed it to the dog through the fence. This has obvious problems, you would feel bad, plus you might get caught.

    4. You hire Kramer and Newman to "rub out" the dog, but the obvious problem is their bumbling leads to the dog finding his way right back home again.

    What would you do? Any suggestions?

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    if you choose option 3, don't do 1 or 2, as it will show you have a motive.

    i vote for number 4, as michael richards and wayne night are not too busy these days.

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    I'd politely introduce yourself to your neighbors and explain the problem, as I gather they are yet unaware of it.

    Perhaps you could change the setting to be less confrontational. Invite them over, into your place, for coffee or appetizers and drinks (if you're comfortable with that) and make friends with them. Bring up the subject at some point during your time with them, and make yourself clear about the issue. Ask them for their options first, before suggesting any of the ones you came up with.

    The police CAN cite people for pets' noise violations. I've dealt with that before. It's not the first step, or the nicest step - plus you never know if you might make a friend following my suggestion - and they'll like you and shut their own dog up for you.

    Use the fact that you were a dog owner to imply that you understand training issues and that you understand some common ground with them.

    If they don't solve the problem, you may not seem so confrontational going over to their place, as you've had them over to yours. Imply nothing has been done (though hopefully after the first time, the problems been solved).

    On the third count, say you feel you're being disrespected and you feel you'll have to call the police.

    On the fourth count, call the police.

    Sorry it sounds like another month of interrupted sleep - but good neighbor relations also ensure sound sleep when they're functional - and you KNOW that the dog won't become trained over night and is probably having difficulty adjusting to their move.
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    Maybe try some earplugs or earmuffs, if it's bothering you that much. But killing the dog with antifreeze is just a sadistic choice. Christ, I hope ya never have kids that keep you up crying at night.

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    First..Tell the owners,because they might not know that the dog is barking all night long.If they refuse then call Animal Control/Police Department.Like Tycho said,it isnt the nicest way,but normally it is highly effective.
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    What Would Jesus Do?
    "Roger Nasty Butler!"

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    Originally posted by JarJarBinks
    But killing the dog with antifreeze is just a sadistic choice. Christ, I hope ya never have kids that keep you up crying at night.
    Well, my three year old was a liitle loud at night as a baby, but he made it to toddlerhood!
    No, seriously, I could never do that, but you know kicking around extreme solutions to a problem sometimes makes you feel better? Kinda like writing a nasty letter to someone and never mailing it. God, now I feel bad for just suggesting it, though it was sort of a sarcastic option, much like #4.

    Tycho has a good idea, I appreciate that suggestion, Tycho. It might work, if they are a certain type of people, or receptive. Some people around here are real big on their dogs and their trucks and fishin' and huntin' and crap. I'm not saying all people like that are jerks, but I have dealt with many who are, so that would be a concern to me. But, you know, I will try it anyway, because it seems to be the most sensbile option at this point.

    The thing that I don't understand is, if I can hear it, can' t they? Doesn't loud, repetitive noise bother most people? Wouldn't the sound your own dog, barking loudly, be enough to make you get up and do something? Guess I expect too much out of people.

    Well, thanks again for the suggestions.

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    Originally posted by Quite-Long Dong

    What Would Jesus Do?
    He would cast the demons out of the dog, sending them into the other neighbor's cats, causing the cats to run off the edge of the mountain.

    I don't know, man. How about just knocking on the door, introducing yourself, and telling them what's up. It's easier than you think.

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    My brother-in-law has a box that puts out a high pitched noise that dogs can hear. The device gets their attention and is not harmful at all. He used it to train his dogs not to bark. Or, that is to say, he uses it to make them stop barking.

    It is easy to use and works immediatly, whenever dogs hear this they stop whatever they are doing, if they start barking again, he just pushes the button again. You can train them immediatly.

    He owns two pommeraneons(sp?), in other words two little noise makers! I was amazed at how quickly this thing worked, he was never able to get those dogs to shut up and now...bam, niiice doggie.

    Seriously, if you bought one of these and used it whenever the dog started up, you would see results immediatly.

    I forget the name of the device, but your local pet store probably has one, or something similar to it.

    The one he has is just a little gray box with a button and a little red LED that lights up when the button is pushed to indicate that the device is activated.

    I hope this helps.
    May the force be with you.

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    Originally posted by Emperor Howdy

    I don't know, man. How about just knocking on the door, introducing yourself, and telling them what's up. It's easier than you think.
    Because last time I did that, the lady started making her dog bark on purpose, just to **** us off. You'd be amazed at what a weird, vindictive, psychotic little place Little Rock can be. People here are nuts.
    I'll probably do it anyway, since, obviously, not all residents here are crazy. Might as well give it a try. But if it don't work, that box device sithkiller99 was talking about sounds cool.


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