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    Repackaged Sandtrooper?

    I was just over at the "other site" and noticed that they have the Sandtrooper listed as being repackaged for the SAGA line?!?!?

    Does anyone know anything about this? Is it just a rumor? Or did Hasbro abandon the idea in favor of the EE Sandtrooper 4 pack?
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    Maybe they meant the Fan's Poll Stormtrooper???
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    Bah, Rebelscum always goes off of unconfirmed rumors. I doubt they will re-do this one. There are, of course, new clonetroopers, a new stormtrooper (concept), and a new snowtrooper. No sandie that I'm aware of.
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    I'm thinking it was most likely a mix-up.

    Why would Hasbro re-card these when Entertainmentearth is getting the 4-packs?

    Still, I wish they hadn't jumped the gun and put it on their checklist.
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    This is the first I've heard of it as well, SK99. With the 4pk coming I don't really feel they need to spend the time/$ setting this fairly recent(and not at all hard to find) figure up with new packaging, but I bet it would sell well same as the POTJ version did. Imps always do. Maybe they'll repaint it slightly or thrown in a new accessory to hook us who already have a bunch of the POTJ ones.

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    My guess is that this is the Troop builder they are talking about. There are four different SandTrooper in the pack. Bascially the difference is the shoulder patch indicating rank.
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    The sandtrooper builder set will be released in February, or earlier if you go through dealers. Sandtrooper will not be released on a saga card this year.
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