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    Don't make fun of the new kid :)

    Just joined your wonderful forum yesterday. I've collected Action Fleet for years, and I have a website that includes pictures of my entire Star Wars collection, Action Fleet and all. I've been reading your forum for months, and finally decided to join in the fun, since no one posts on my forum . I'm also a member at on account of I have a large Star Wars LEGO Collection as well as my Action Fleet. I'm here to have fun and hopefully learn more about my old favorite line of Star Wars toys.

    To start it off, I was wondering if all the TIE Interceptor sets came with a TIE Pilot whose helmet came off or if only a few did. Forgive me if this is common knowledge, but I really don't know, and I was hoping you could help me out with this question. Thanks in advance. - The best thing since sliced bread.

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    Welcome CE, you will find a lot of support and cameraderie here


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    Hi "CloneEmperor", welcome aboard ! Great website, and great collection !
    The Tie Interceptor came with and without the Lucas figure. The fan-clubs usually had the Lucas version wich had a lower production than the regular version with two classic Imperial pilots.

    I will add your site to my "Collector Cola" page soon.

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    Hey CloneEmperor

    I've dropped by your site a few times.........welcome home.


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    Siqnus: Are you sure about the Lucas Pilot coming with only some Interceptors? I've seen quite a few Interceptors but have still never seen one that didn't have the figure with removable helmet. Until now I was sure that they all did, there was a big discussion here about it long ago and no one seemed to have ever seen a Non-Lucas set. LMK.


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    Warmest welcomes cloneemperor (CE) ((thanks Jeddah for getting the abbrevonym out of the way early!)).

    CE, relax, you're home now. Among friends, or at least kindred spirits.

    Great website. Is it just me, or do the pages load a bit slow for other foruMMers, too? I'm not one to complain about that, though, since the .wav files I have on my web pages make them load slow, too.

    I saw your Lego customs, but do you have any AF customs?

    In case you haven't already figured it out, R2dee2, Haggie, Sicqnus, Shinakuma43, and BritCit3 are the other resident AF/MM webmeisters/webmistresses. Some of the rest of us have pages, too, but nothing as professional as those. Glitch is our window into the sanctum sanctorum of GalooSbro. VulcanTouch is our "Ship's Counselor."

    It's a great group of folks, and I hope you'll find time to be an active participant.

    Happy holidays!
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    Originally posted by SWAFMAN
    ....... VulcanTouch is our "Ship's Counselor."......
    Yeah, and you should see him in his stylin lilac blue jumpsuit, what a schweetie


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    Hi, Clone Emperor

    Welcome to our universe. You'll find that this forum is the best in AF and MM discussions and info.

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    Welcome cloneemperor!! I, like S43, am under the impression that all the TIE interceptors came with the removable helmet pilot with the Lucas figure underneath and have not heard of or seen one that didn't. If you have information otherwise sicqnus, that would be hot!

    BTW, I love your mouse icon!!
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    welcome cloneemperor! we're glad you found our corner of the world.

    as for the "lucas" tie pilot with removable helmet;

    i've always assumed that each and every one of the single packed versions of the ship came with the removable helmet pilot. not only cause every one i've personally seen had one, but also because on the bottom of the box, the graphic showing how to mount the ship and pilots on the stand, also show a graphic of the pilot indicating that the helmet is removable. (it shows the pilot with the helmet a bit above his head with arrows indicating that it can be placed over the pilots head or removed)

    the two pack, classic duels interceptor, which is packaged with the millenium falcon as well, does not contain the removable helmeted pilot.

    your web site is marvelous! really well done! you are a most welcome addition to the ssg mm section!
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