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    When and Why did you first start collecting the 12" figures?

    When and Why did you first start collecting the 12" figures?

    Which one(s) were your first? What did you think then? Now?

    When I saw a Tomart's or Lee's Magazine with the 12" Han Hoth on TaunTaun, I knew I had to have that! It was my favorite character with a giant 12" beast and lots of cool accessories in an outfit they never made for the vintage 12" line (which I had some of - including Han Solo to be sure!)

    So I rushed out to the stores and looked for 12" figures. At TRU I found my first ones: Lando and Luke Bespin.

    I tracked down a Tusken with a gaderffi stick at Walmart (I never wanted one with an Imperial (?) blaster.

    Then, from hunting 3 3/4" toys, I knew that K-mart couldn't get rid of their older 12" - Original Han, Luke, and Vader. Obi-Wan was no where to be found. I ended up getting 2 of the Obi-Wan's (still one of the best 12" figures) almost a year or more later - from a friend on a good trade and the other from a dealer, for a generous price-cut. I never bought that Vader! I couldn't stand the site of his short, stunted body, and pee-brain-sized head. Many people here know I bought 4 of the 14" Vader's with Removeable Helmets - probably still my favorite 12" line figure.

    Anyway, a few months later, after all this purchasing, and the Luke X-wing wave coming out, I got the first Han TaunTaun off the truck at my local TRU - and I got Chewbacca on the same trip!

    I was hooked! I've been amazed at things they've done - like the speederbike and dewback, and I continue to be very happy with things like Dooku, ranked Clone Troopers, and Ultimate Jango Fett that they make for the line today. You'll all like the Geonosian when you get him - just phenomenal!
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    Darth Maul was my first 12" figure. I started because that one figure was so cool to me. Then I embarked on a rollercoaster of joy and disappointment during my search to catch up. I was hoping they would ALL be as good or better than Maul.

    My bad.
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    I started around '96 or '97. I think the 1st one was X-Wing Luke, followed closely by Boba, 3PO, TIE Pilot and Ackbar. I'm still missing most of the intial releases. I liked the packaging on those early series, w/ the flip cover.

    Some of my personal fav's are: the 14" Vader w/ removable helmet, Scout w/ Speeder Bike, Capt Tarpals w/ Kaadu, Bossk, Snow Trooper.

    I like the new bodies and articulation, but was pretty disappointed by the "Ultimate" Jango. His armor doesn't fit properly, and that screws it all up for me. What works better for me is the Elec. Jango, which I have displayed on a high shelf, recreating jango's battle w/ Obi. The fig is in a display stand for 12" figs, extended to it's highest levels, looking like he just blasted off.
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    Geez, I can't even remember what my first 12" figure was, but at that time I was collecting 3 3/4 inch figures always passing up the 12" ones. I can't remember if it was '98 or '99 when I had recieved all the Collector Series for my birthday from my little bro in Texas. I gave all my small figures to my kids, and since then it's been the big boy's.

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    I started at wave 3 or 4 maybe, I had seen 'em in stores but the first few waves kinda sucked, especially yellow-head Luke. I think my first one was Bespin Luke, but I don't remember 100% for sure anymore. I got into the line because I really liked the 12" accessories... sadly, they seem to be going the way of the dinosaur these days.
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    I bought the original four- Luke, Han, obi-Wan, and Vader. I got fed up with the impossible to find exclusives that came out and the spotty distribution with the next wave. I decided it wasn't worth the money or the headache. I think I will pick up a Jango before it is all over though. It is too cool to pass up.
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    I had decided against collecting the 12" line when they first came out, then I stumbled upon a Ben Kenobi that had been returned at K-Mart. It was (and still is, as Tycho said) one of the best of the line.

    Since then it has been up and down with this line, mostly down. Few of the 12" figures I have can stand on their own. Many have ridiculous sculpts. But there are some gems: Electronic Boba Fett, Darth Maul, others mentioned above. I mostly avoid the line, though, in part because I don't have the space to properly display them, and I'm SICK of keeping my figures in storage!!!

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    I stumbled upon the 12" Vader at KB Toys. I wasn't in the habit of going to toy stores anymore but my brother and I just thought of killing some time as we roamed the mall. I remembered some kid down the street had the original 12" SW figures when we were kids and I was always in awe of them. Seeing the 12" Vader instantly kindled a desire to get as many of the 12" line as I could afford. So 5-6 years later I'm still collecting the line and love what I've got displayed in my apartment.
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    I remember I was going to get the 12" Luke and maybe Vader back in 95-96. After buying the luke, my intentions were to keep it boxed, but I just couldn't resist the temptation of opening it. I was amazed at how it came to life out of the box and my brother & I have managed to acquire every 12"er (no rehashes though) since then.
    I finally have room to display them all and they look AWESOME!!!
    The 12" ben kenobi is a favorite -- I painted his eyes blue though which was much easier than I thought it would be and really makes the figure that much better.
    My other favs would include 14" vader & qui-gon, snowtrooper, emperor's royal guard, bounty hunters, and my custom 15" furry chewbacca that I made by adding the legs of one chewie onto the legs of another to make him the correct height.

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    For me it was when I bought the 6" Yoda. I had not planned on collecting all the 12 inch figures (at that time because of the price). Damn that yoda! He gave me the fever and from there on it was all down hill My husband and I when on the quest for the 12 inch figures! We managed to get all but the first chewy. Now we have every one except the Chewy, of course, and the KB exclusive Luke and Han stormtrooper set. Since then we started collecting 12 inch figures from all lines including vintage SW, GI Joe, 21st Century, Dragon, Side Show, Matrix, Spider man, LOTR, Reservoir Dogs, Metal Gear, POTA, Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee....I have to go dig around to see what else.
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