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    Question where do you keep your collection?

    Where do you keep your collection? On shelves, showing it to everyone visiting you or in somewhere closed under hard protection? Most of you have a complete AF collection so I'd be interested in knowing this...

    I keep mine secured in 4 huge drawers, but that's because I don't have enough space to show them all. I have out only one AT-AT, the large Vader's TIE Fighter and one AT-ST. Maybe nmext year when the new house is ready I'll put them on shelves there
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    i bought mason some stackable drawer shelf units, which are in his closet. all the action fleet are kept within these units.

    as for the mm's, they are kept in a clear plastic oversized shoe box.

    the die casts are displayed on one of his book cases.

    the x-rays and other similar sized plastic ships (series alpah, jc penny etc.) are kept in a slightly smaller plastic box than the mm's.

    he keeps the plastic boxes on his desk for quick and easy diversion reasons during homework time.
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    Right now my entire collection is packed into some boxes and bins in a back room. I'm living in my in-laws basement so there just isn't enough room for me to have it out - The best thing since sliced bread.

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    The boxed ones are in stacks against the walls of our upper floor (finished attic). Not ideal, but better than the basement for non-musty-ness. I did get burned on this strategy last spring when a roof leak got several boxes wet, but most recovered well. The more long-term foruMMers all recall my whine-fest over that debacle.

    The loose ones started on a shelf unit in the computer room, then overflowed to an adjacent chest-of-drawers top, the computer desk itself, and the top of my computer case, as well as few loose Battle Squads atop the stack of boxed battle squads, and other non-AF figures, etc, atop a couple bookcases.

    I need a real display shelving solution, eventually!
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    Unwisely, on a VERY full entertainment center in my bedroom, each shelf is bursting with Galoob product except for the top which is Gundam. The playsets are all in the closet though, I have no space left for those.
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    Right now the figs are in tackle boxes and the ships are in storage bins. I intend to make display cases, but every time I get down to finalizing the plans, I change my mind. How wide? How deep? What type of wood? Glass or acrylic front? Glass or wood shelves? Painted or stained? It sucks being indecisive.

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    Talking this quextion wouldn't happen to have burglary motives now would it? :D

    wouldn't do ya any good if it did, cuz i literally Sleep next to mine to coin a phrase i don't stand on display ceremony and just store all "currently fashionable" ones under a strong light in an oversized shoebox-lid front & center on what i spose you'd call my "nightstand". when i wanna single a few out for viewing i array them on a small flat space next to that, & freqently gaze over while zonin out to conin, craigers & dave on the tube. i keep the remaining "currently unfashionable" portion of my mm ships (1/2 to 1/3 of the collection) in a secured case nearby for convenient swapouts as the seasonal vibe shifts. and when cafe-slummin during the day i just take the lid with me (maybe we'll remember to photo it on 1/2/3 tea though it ain't much to look at). for me this is better than a fixed elaborate display cuz mm's discreetness & portability lends itself so well to on-the-go "guerilla deployment enjoyment"

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    ... in a van down by the river!

    Actually, mine are all in boxes right now. I posted this photoa few months back as a joke about seeing my collection "in all it's glory" but the collection actually includes a new box now to go along with those. I do woodwork as a side hobby and have plans to build a nice display case for my collection one day. I'm holding off until I build my dream house because I don't like the thought of building a really nice display case only to have it damaged in transportation accross the country (because my dream house will not exist in Colorrado since this is not my dream state to live in).

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    posted by haggie on 01-01-2003 at 05:41 PM
    (because my dream house will not exist in Colorrado since this is not my dream state to live in).
    I'm frequently accused of living a dream state....

    Extremely off-topic, but just out of curiosity, what is your "dream" state to live in, Haggie?
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    I had a custom glass display case made that fits my entire collection (and I'm about complete on the action fleet)


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