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Thread: new mini sets

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    new mini sets

    rebelscum comes through again with the links!

    these look MUCH better then the initial releases, and as bigger ships they should be a bit more fun to build.
    loving the falcon and the gunship...can't wait!

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    Those are pretty cool. I already have the free TIE Fighter. I stopped collecting Legos because of room and money, but the mini sets shouldn't be a burden on either.

    When are the sets due out?
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    The mini gunship is great. I hope lego comes out with all of the clone war craft. Great play there. But the falcon looks funny

    my 2 cents


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    i thought the falcon looked really sweet, i'm gonna get em all!
    i need an ephant mon, who wants to help? :D

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    Looks cool, appears the next set you can build with pieces from the other sets is a Y-Wing. Good way of releasing the TIE Bomber and Y-Wing, I just hope I can get some TIE Fighters. They look pretty cool, can't wait.
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    I feel bad for the MTT, like the Sebulba vs Anakin pod set, this is gonna be the "not really needed" set since it contains parts of the Y-wing that can be found in another MINI set you'd rather buy 2 of. I'll probably get all of these, I personally like the MTT so I'll get it, but the Falcon and the Rep Gunship are the ones that really look impressive to me.
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