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    Friends: The Movie

    I've not found anything about it on the internet, but it was in our newspapers today that all the cast of Friends have signed up for Friends: The Movie! I'm a big fan of the TV Series, BUT A MOVIE?!?!? How the hell do you make it into a movie?

    It also said that because it is on the big screen there will be nudity (but I doubt Aniston, Cox or Kudro will strip), and also Matt Le Blanc has acreed to go bare bottom !

    Apparently all the stars will earn 6+ million and have signed for Season 10 to show after the movie.

    I love the show, but it just doesn't seem very Friends-like.

    What do you guys think?

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    A movie? Hmmm, I can't even imagine what that would be about. I quit watching Friends a few years ago. I'm sure my wife will want to see it. It will probably be like "Night at the Roxbury" or one of the other NBC Sat. Night Live movies.

    My wife told me that each of the 6 Friends earn $1 million per episode. That's crazy!
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    I have no idea what it could be about! Hopefully Jennifer Aniston will get naked
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    EEWWWW MAN!! WHy would anyone want to see Aniston nekked?!!!

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    Originally posted by mini-rock
    EEWWWW MAN!! WHy would anyone want to see Aniston nekked?!!!
    right on mini rock. i was watching that show the other day, and i don't find her the least bit attractive. that nose needs some work.

    now that i think of it, i don't think any of the women on that show are anything to get excited about.

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    Well, apparently NBC has confirmed that Friends will not be ending this season, it will have a 2003-2004 season as normal. No mention I've read about a movie though - probably for the best, I really can't imagine how this sitcom would translate to the cinema. South Park and Beavis & Butt-head pulled it off, but they were loose, animated series that didn't try to fit into any sort of main canon.
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    I don't know, I think they can pull off a movie. My wife and I watch the show all the time. Even the reruns on FOX.

    derek, yeah I have to agree. There's not an attractive one among them and that includes the men, but it is one hell of a funny show. Chandler has me ROTFL most of the time.

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    I havn't the slightest idea what a 'Friends' movie would be about. I wouldn't mind too much, it's a good show. It'll be interesting to see if they pull it off.

    Jennifer Aniston is HOT!
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    Jennifer Aniston is HOT
    she ain't got nothing on brad pitt, or as howard stern calls him and aniston, mr. and mrs. stupid!


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