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    Hailfire droid for $50

    What the heck? $50 for that hailfire droid. There is a link on about the pricing on the new system sets for later this year. The AT-AT for $90 good deal but the hailfire droid for $50. I hope that price isn't right because i wanted to get a couple to build a seperatist army.


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    It's a large Technic droid, I guess as large in piece-count as the Destroyer Droid - which was also fifty bucks. If this was $40, I'd still be thinking about it, but that extra $10 somehow turns it from "almost affordable" into "not in my pricerange".
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    i'll save my money for the at-at thank you very much.
    i need an ephant mon, who wants to help? :D

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    well i guess u can count me as dissapointed. all i wanted was a simple hailfire droid and lego managed to screw it up


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