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    Talking Waste of good topic space

    These ones gave me a good laugh as I never ever seen them over here.

    Why the need to reply to this?

    Mature replies!

    Another why the need to reply to this?

    obi Zacobi-do-be-da-de-dam-du-di-da-dumb does his tricks!;f=17;t=000422

    No need to reply to my post people as it’s nothing to discuss so just read it.

    Kindest regards,

    Lars “Sweden” Olsson in Sundsvall, Sweden.
    R.J. (John Carpenter's The Thing) MacReady: Crazy Swedes...

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    thats pretty lame to be posting stuff like that.
    not cool at all.
    i need an ephant mon, who wants to help? :D


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