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    Question Stores discontinueing Star Wars

    Why is every store I have been to in search of Star Wars items (toys) clearing out everything they have got? The Star Wars section continues to get smaller and smaller. I am not talking about just one store, it seems as though all of them are cutting back to nothing.

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    Without the hype of the theatrical release or the DVD release, it makes sense that you are not seeing the large amount that you once did. It seems to me that most children have an "out of sight, out of mind" mentality. Retailers know this and only order what they think will not sit on the shelf for too long. Now that xmas is over you will probably see even less.

    And what about collectors? Well, I would say that children are the reasoning behind the amount ordered by retailers and not the collectors. I mean, they are toys after all!

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    You bring up very valid points, so where does a collector turn to find the stuff that never makes it the shelves? Walmarts, Kmarts and Targets in this area aren't picking up anything new and are shrinking their Star Wars sections daily. Ebay is all about making money and going to the highest bidder. Toys R us and KBToys have put everything on clearance, it is very depressing. You are absolutly right, they are NOT dolls, they are action figures, but my response has always been,"they re not toys, it is a collection!!!

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    well i haven't come upon that yet, but of coruse there will be less and less figures, because the public doesn't want them and they want new things

    but as collectors we always want MORE!!!!

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    Stores will not discontinue to sell Star Wars for years to come- it's a money maker. Stores always slow up on Star Wars things after Christmas. Thats the way its always been. In the next month or two, we'll see some new stuff out. We'll have to be patient until then.

    On the other had, Target has their big clearence sales after Christmas and usually have some good stuff for great prices.
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    My guess is that all the stuff on the pegs already is old. The old stuff everybody already has. It continues to slow down sales, and then they make it a smaller section with all the older stuff taking up the space. The Wal-Mart by me continues to have the old stuff on their shelves. The shelves are stocked by the Hasbro Rep. according to 2 of the workers there. They dont even get cases in. When the rep comes and puts newer stuff out it sells within hours. I was lucky enough to find alot of newer stuff at Christmas that I needed. I still need a Djas Phur. I have never seen one in a store around here. All I have are 2 Wal-Marts and a Target. The nearest TRU is an hour away
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    Hey Kidhuman, wish we could have had this converstaion about two months ago, Djas Phur was one of the figures at Walmart here that they had an over-abundance of. Could have gotten you all of the Djas Phurs that you wanted. If anybody is looking for her, Padme in Naboo fighter uniform is the "over-abundant" figure right now at our Walmart. Let me know if I can help. Maybe we can ALL help each other out, if you are having problems finding something that is suppose to be out. I would say, I need help finding a Ephant Mon, but from what I am reading, everybody is having troubles finding that one.

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    i have now come upon the same fate. i went to Target and they are now clearance items, 4.79 instead of 4.99, and all, and i mean ALL, they have is Mace
    Star Wars, there is nothing better; well Lord of the Rings is pretty dang close.

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    $4.29 here (at Target) even cheaper than Walmart now. Kmart has marked all figures down $2.99 now.
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    dang, no wal marts around me!!!!

    by the way is everyones Targets having an onslot of Mace's??
    Star Wars, there is nothing better; well Lord of the Rings is pretty dang close.

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