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    If you had "witch powers" and could cause stupid stuff to happen....

    Sometimes I was frustrated in school and it was so serious, everyone so intent on some subject, and I just needed a little break.

    I thought about what would happen my teacher was explaining a complicated calculation and if I suddenly conjured up a goat or a sheep, or a little congo-line of ducklings and a mother duck and let them loose, wandering through the classroom. No one would know it was me, but the animals would be real. Though maybe I'd make them disappear before animal control got there.

    What do you think would happen?

    How about if this happened oh, say every so many weeks or so?

    Would I become suspect?

    How about have you ever been standing in line at the bank? What if suddenly there was a real live elephant just standing there. It silently appeared and took a moment for people to start noticing it. What do you think the reaction would be at your bank? Would this be funny or what?

    Or maybe you're in line at the grocery store and it's taking forever. Wouldn't it be funny if a hippopatumus suddenly went into the empty check-out isle next to you and all the customers in your line?

    How about monkeys loose in the movie theater?

    Would that be funny?
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    Yes, of course it would Tycho. *Note to self: Watch out for this one.*
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    Would you have to wear the whole witch garb?
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    No- you could cause stupid stuff to happen and nobody would know it was you doing it.

    Like for example - you could make dignified people flaggelate at important moments, like a priest that farts really loudly at a funeral.

    You could make people say things that are just out of place - like at a wedding toast, having one of the parents get up and describe their own personal sex life!

    Maybe you could put a cruise ship in the middle of your interstate highway and see what the newspapers and authorities have to say about that (while maybe a lot of other people get a few days off from work).

    You could make Britney Spears' snake start talking to the audience at some awards thing she's speaking at before a lot of celebrities. See what the reaction is.

    Any juvenile thing you might think is funny, can suddenly happen and you can witness it.

    Wouldn't that be great to go through life laughing?

    Your neighbor asks you to help them start their car, but the car starts talking to them complaining about the way they drive it!

    Oh man! It would be fun!
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    Let's see...I'd probably:
    -Kill a few certain people I know (Nobody here) ...err...don't tell anyone.
    -Make everything smell very strongly of Mouse Droid.
    -Make all or most of the trees become Ents.
    -Poke stuff...Oh, wait, I can already do that.
    -Two words: Force Lightning.
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    If I had that power I would raise heck at my office! I would freeze time and pose them in crazy positions and mix up there paper work...hummm...thats the rated g version..

    A priest who farts real loud at a funeral??? QQn @ Tycho humm..LOL
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    What in the hell are "witch powers"?
    "Whatever you do, take care of your shoes."

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    Just powers to make anything you want happen. Besides finding Osama Bin Laden or creating world peace, feeding the hungry, and housing the homeless, etc. - and I would try and do all that, wouldn't you entertain yourself?

    I mean, if you brought about world peace, too - wouldn't it be funny if suddenly everybody at Osama's trial found out they were naked? (note - he'd still be wearing handcuffs at least).

    Or if the same thing happened at a Republican fundraiser for Trent Lott, and then the Village People arrived to play for the crowd! Haaa-haaa-ho-heehaw!

    Wouldn't you do something stupid? Like make pigs fly past an air traffic control tower?

    Dude, there's no end to the stupid stuff I would think of!

    This thread's just about posting it! Sometimes the idea is just as good as the laugh you'd actually get out of it.

    I think one of you here is a pre-medical student? Right? Think about the doctor who is your most respected mentor. He knows everything there seems to be to know about biological science, right? What would he do if a giraffe walked into his office and struck up a conversation with him?

    Wouldn't it be funny if you could make that happen and innocently witness it?
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    Hmm...I don't think I'd do stupid things, more like morbidly disgusting things. Like turn animals inside out and pile the carcasses in the middle of the street...or something. Oh, and I'd make all of the damned Saga figures stand without a freaking Commtech chip on each foot and get rid of the gimmicks! Except for Dooku's slash, I sort of like that one. Err...Maybe I'd make it activate some other way than squeezing his legs together though...
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    I'd probably let my figs in my dioramas come alive and fight eachother and talk about stuff in the cantina, now that would be cool IMO
    oh and there is enough other stuff but I don't think it's appropriate for this forum...
    Until The End Of Time...
    - Tupac Shakur, RIP


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