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    Hey JarJar -- dont dis on the Flying Motorcycles -- those were the coolist things since KITT. - HAHA. This was the time of year when the "A"Team actually made a comeback to primetime. Galactica 80 was BAD!! -- I am excited that there is another one comming out. -- Maybe we could look forward to a movie by end of next year. I smell more toys comming!! -- Gee -- Lets see HASBRO screw these figures up!! -- Then they can lay off the "good ones"!!
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    Thanks for the link JJB! Do you know if, or how many of, the Galactica (regular or 1980) epidodes are on VHS/DVD that I would be able to look for?
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    Find episode listing of about every show ever made at :

    But Starbuck as a girl? Is this a recastin gof the original series, or a Glactica TNG as mentioned earlier? Is she the daughter of Dirk's character?

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    No - they're rewriting the series with just a majority of the elements of the old one.

    But they are saying the old one never happened.

    Ron Moore's series is not the same as Singer's or Hatch's to answer JediTricks' question.

    I too would like to review, and possibly own all the Galactica stuff, including the 1980's ones because they are part of a nostalgic history.

    What's not funny about a real Cylon at a Halloween party?

    It seems the element from the 80's shows, Cylons that look perfectly human, will be used in the new show for Baltar's nemesis - a human replica babe that he thought was really human and fell for, betraying humaninty in the process. She'll be a regular on the show. It seems like she'd be a dream date for Commander Data
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    This will be VERY interesting to see. I'll have to pick up the original film/pilot episode just to have it.

    I'm not sure how I feel about Starbuck being a girl... They could have made one of the "lesser" pilots a girl and kept Starbuck as a guy. I only feel this way because there was no mention of a good friend to Apollo.

    As for Galactica:1980... my question to the network is: "So after the first version failed to keep viewers tuned in after, what, two seasons... what made you think this would be a good idea???"
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