Battlestar Galactica is coming Back! Whoo-hoo!

Deep Space Nine's writer-producer Ron Moore is helming the new adventures of BattleStar Galactica!

They start filming in March.

I'll post more news as I get it. Everyone else feel free to jump in!

There will be these characters:

a Woman President of the Colonies, and love interest for...

Adama - Military Commander

Baltar - computer programming genius with evil tendancies

Apollo - estranged son of Adama, starfighter pilot

Starbuck - a girl this time! Love interest for Apollo, a fighter pilot

Executive Officer - was it Tyler? the black man who pilots report to

Number - 6 - A girl and Cylon-made human replica that seduced Baltar into treachery.

and that will be the core cast I believe, as the ship "leads a rag-tag fleet of survivors" to find earth!

And the Cylons are coming to get them!

Explanation for the Cylons is offered that the human colonists created them - but they revolted when they gained full intelligence. Sure, it's "Terminator in space," but it's darn cool!

Yaaaay! BattleStar is back!