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  1. #1 article on why Stormtroopers are bad shots

    I don't want to link to it directly due to the typical level of naughty language, but the article was posted today under the title "The Biggest Star Wars Plot Hole, Explained By Science." It's pretty amusing, but, seriously, the best explanation yet for how Obi-Wan could utter the line, "Only Imperial Stormtroopers are so precise," in the same universe where Stormtroopers routinely miss the heroes every time they're two feet from them.
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    I think most of the Cracked articles could be just as funny without so many F-bombs (there is indeed a time and place for such language)...but the Stormtrooper article and their Boba Fett comments are hilarious!
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    Interesting, my thought would be that Obbers made the comment about Troopers based on Clone Troopers during the Clone War not the current Storm troopers. Although that makes me wonder do Clone Troopers miss badly as well???

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    why was Cracked magazine so clean when I was a kid...but the online version is so dirty?
    I don't give a **** either way, just curious.

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    It went under at some point, was bought out and re-launched as a "mature readers" magazine, and didn't last long. Their site outlasted the new magazine by quite a wide margin.
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