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    New kids see E7 first, then 4-6 before prequels

    My cousins, girls 8 and 6, and boy 3 saw TFA in the theaters, 3x.

    They have not yet seen the other movies. But with the connections to the OT characters their parents think they will see 4 5 & 6 next.

    I think that's about right.

    I also read that Natalie Portman showed her 4 year old son no movies yet. Or he is seeing 4 5 & 6 & 7. Because Padme dies in The prequels, Natalie says she doesn't want to show this to her son. Not yet anyway.
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    I experienced that in my classroom: on a testing day when some kids were still working and others were sent back to the class to finish out the period, I was playing the DVD of TFA. When a certain character was first shown on-screen, I heard a girl whisper "that's Han Solo." I came to a new realization at that moment: that not EVERYONE has seen SW movies, especially if you are under age 20.

    I had never even considered the effects of actors' on-screen deaths to their children, and I'm ashamed to admit that, too.
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