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    Question A couple "Saga" Tie Bomber questions?

    I've got a couple questions about the "Saga" Tie Bomber for anyone who knows the answers.

    First, does anyone know the release date?

    And second will the Tie Bomber once again be a Wal-Mart exclusive or will it be available wide retail?

    Thanks in advance to all who answer

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    i'm not too sure, but i sure hope that its available at most retailers, it may give us all a chance to get one
    i need an ephant mon, who wants to help? :D

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    i heard its WM's again
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    Wal-Mart (along with the Fan Club) is the best plce to get exclusives. I'm glad it's Wally's.
    And it will be released sometime in 2003.
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    I heard some where February
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    Some of the e-tailers are offering it as well, notably Yestertoys which you can connect to via link from this site. They're supposed to be pretty fair in the pricing department as well. Personally, they haven't changed this ship enough to make me get another one, but Im happy those that missed out on the POTJ model have another crack at this cool ship. Good luck!


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