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    Unhappy Well, I'm selling out...

    Greetings everyone. I bring sad news.

    After years of collecting, I am selling it all- all my Spawn, my Star Wars, my cards, comics- you name it- including all of my Star Wars Action Fleet, Star Trek Micro Machines and Star Wars Micro Machines.

    I do have some stuff to settle on this board- namely to people who helped me collect certain things, I offer them back. However, I am doing the greedy offensive thing and attempting to sell them at collector prices...I won't really do any deals. Oddly enough, I need the funadge for my Senior Film at MSU, and to help me get out of $75,000 of debt.

    Now's been forever, but someone here GAVE me the Rogue 2 Rebel Snowspeeder AF. I would like to give that back, since I did promise him I would never sell it. If you're still around, stand up and be counted.

    I have a Star Trek Limited Set (#1) factory sealed. It's like $25 on Ebay (Comes with the Enterprise 1701-A). I offer it to anyone here for that price.

    I have a Kay-Bee exclusive Galaxy Collector's set for Star Wars (sealed) and a Rebel Forces Gift Pack and Imperial Forces Gift Pack, former Target exclusives, sealed, with MATCHING Collector numbers sticker numbers (not that anyone cares, but I got 'em ) 034125. Don't know their worth, if any, since SW MM's are a dime a dozen it seems.

    Either way, I didn't mean this to be a classified ad- I wanted to tell you guys- R2, VT, JediTricks, Baal Jr., etc. about me bailing on it. And since all of you helped me so much through the years with collecting these pieces, I only thought it fair to offer them here to you first.

    It's like selling love. It sucks. But I have to do it...'sides, when I make a million, I'll buy it all back
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    Man that sucks, hope you can get out of debt. I can't really call this 'selling out', though.
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    oy! we don't hear from you for what seems an eterinty, and this is how ya come slinkin back in? oy!

    well, if that's how it's gotta be, then that's how it's gotta be.....i guess

    anyway, the rogue 2 was courtisey of moi, so if you want to return it, that's fine by me. i'll pm ya with my mailing address.
    i'm sorry to hear that you have to bag it in for monetary reasons, it ain't like it's unexpected though, you were makin' rumblin's along these lines some time ago, that's when i told ya not to sell the snowspeeder.

    anyway, i wish you all the best for this new year and all the new years to follow.

    man, the 2nd largest spawn collection in the world is about to go poof. i know that hurts. good luck with school and your film career.
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    Oh, what a surprise, another cry of wolf

    Best of luck though, WS. I have been in a similar bind for the past 2 years so I know how demoralising it is.


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    Thanks LTBasker, Jeddah, GSJ

    Do e-mail me with your addy, GSJ- I did love the lil' bugger while it was here though . I promised I wouldn't sell and I am making good on it. The other AF's I have? Can't promise a thing there...

    Jeddah- yeah it sucks to sigh and admit defeat. I maybe losing the battle, but the war has just begun

    LTBasker- I agree! SAVE FARSCAPE! I love that show!!! I always thought Moya, a Prowler, Crichton's Module- and maybe even a Peackeeper Command Carrier- would have made GREAT AF'S! I would buy those...getting out of collecting or not!

    Anyway, I won't be selling/shipping much until I get back to Montana, so you may not hear much from me until next week. I have to get back to packing now

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    don't get me wrong. i don't want you to give up the snowspeeder, in fact if you say that your gonna keep it, then by all means, please do. i sent it to you cause you had stated that you needed one, and as i had a dupe laying around gathering dust, i figured it would find a good home with you.

    i just don't want it being sold, as i had not sold it to you. so if you want to hang on to it, please do, the pleasure would be all mine.

    but if you really don't want to hold on to it, then send it to me, and i will then forward it on to someone else who needs it. prolly our new roumainian poster sergi. as he prolly has the hardest time of anyone trying to track down action fleet, and according to his list, he has yet to acquire the rogue 2 speeder.
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    Exclamation VirTual audio mssg for ws: b'jr calls dibs on your jemhadar. . .

    . . .& lotsa other of your mm ships for that matter bring some up for tea today & we'll cut a deal-

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    Sorry to hear that WS, good luck with your financial difficulties. I guess you'll be building a taste for Top Ramen soon huh? A lot of Top Ramen at that level of debt.

    Oh, and if you have the HMS Bounty MM, LMK what you're asking.
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    *Pokes back in*

    Well 80% of my stuff made it here to Montana, and I have begun the sale. I still have the MM Snowspeeder- and it is hence buried in my second bedroom in my apartment here...I might keep it anyway...but for now, it's buried so it will be returned in a while if at all ;-)

    Anyway, yeesh! Sold my Collector Fleet SSD for $147.50...but, VT, as I am sure you will be happy to hear, I started my auction at cost ($29.99- minus the tax I paid mind you). That was the first piece to go, and the one I probably loved the most...dammit...this is going to be harder than I thought...but it shall be done. Up next are the POTJ B-Wing, AT-ST, TIE Interceptor and TIE Bomber...and some SW Premiere CCG stuff (an unopened box to be precise).

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    Wink oh, so you wanna tawk about what i'd be happy to hear, eh??

    then don't tout me bout no irrelevant opening price, tell me you'll sell b'jr your opened st le collector set #3 for $30, i.e. 3 times what you paid for it (coulda given you cash on the head if you'd shown up for our tea 3 weeks ago ) he'll also give you good deals on many of your other scifimm ships so Be In Touch ahem ahem
    as for me, if you got any figs or fig accessories i seek lmk
    & don't forget, jt axed if you have an hms k-bop above so keep him in mind too
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