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Thread: Wal-Mart Sale

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    Wal-Mart Sale

    I noticed a lot of the WMs in the Orlando area are resetting their toy shelves and putting items on sale.

    I picked up both Anakin & Zam's speeders yesterday for $10 each. I know it's only $6.00 but that's still $6.00.

    Anyone else seen similar sales?
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    Alas, this I have not seen. I will keep an eye out for such a sale, however. I don't really want to pay $16 for them, but $10 isn't so bad.
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    Actually, $6.00 is about what I saved on both combined. They usually retail for around $12.88 each at WM.
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    I didn't notice any sales a my WM today. But also I haven't seen the speeders at WM , ever.
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    Wal Mart sales on SW items?? I've never known of such a thing
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    dang all u luckey people with wal marts!!!!!!
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    we have some "clearence" stickers on stuff here in Indiana. I've seen arena for $30, slave-1 for $20, speeders for $10, ultimate jango for $30. Not much in the way of clearence prices. The good thing was that they had the dooku and dengar waves of 12" figs for $10, I wasn't going to pick up the dengar wave due to lack of funds but I was able to at $10 a pop.
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    I will say this again as I always do when this comes up. The prices that you see at one WM may not be the same at another. Each store is starting their Mod Sets at different times. Each store is clearancing their stuff down as they see it. It is not a Home Office Clearance, which would be uniformed company wide. I keep an eye on that stuff for this site. If you see a post by me say that there was a HO markdown on something for such and such a price, it will show up in your store soon. But each store has a budges on how much they can spend on clearance every month. It varies from store to store. So once again, unless its a HO markdown, clearance prices will vary from store to store.
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    Since when does Walmart carry Star Wars stuff?


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