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Thread: The Hobbit

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    The Hobbit

    Are the rumours that I have heard true? Is Peter Jackson planning on making The Hobbit as a prequal to The Lord Of The Rings?

    I would love to see it, would anyone else?
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    It's just rumblings now, nothing confirmed yet. But it's possible that it could happen. Especially after the huge success of both Fellowship and Towers. And the likely success of Return as well. I'm sure that Peter Jackson will want to take a while off though, before he actually delves into the world of Middle Earth again.

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    i'd only want to see this made if the same actors play thier roles from FOTR. (bilbow, gandalf and gollum)

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    They probably would keep the same actors Derek, especially since we saw Bilbo in the flashback to finding the ring at the start of Fellowship. They were able to make him easily look younger, just by pulling back the skin to smooth out his wrinkles.

    Ian McKellan can also easily be made to look a bit younger. Though I think Gandalf looks the same in the Hobbit as he does in LOTR's. And Gollum is CGI, so no need to worry about the actual actor aging.

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    Because I've never read any of the books, I don't know anything about them. Are The Hobbit and The Lord Of the Rings the only books centered around the Baggins' family, and Gandalf? Or do they appear in more books. Do you think we'll see any more films made from the other books?

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    Pendo!- The hobbit isn't really centered on the Baggins family persay, but Bilbo is tapped to help take out the evil dragon, Smaug. Gandalf kinda, i don't wanna say forces him into it, but convinces him to do it. It's kinda like another Fellowship, cause Bilbo has many companions on his journey. You kinda hear him talk about it a bit in the film FOTR where he says he wants to see mountains and see Murkwood (sp?) and stuff. It's in the Hobbit where the Elves give him Sting and hence why Gollum would recognize it. He even tells the hobbit children a story at this party.

    It just kinda happens he stumbles upon Gollum in his cave and beats him in a game of riddles and finds the ring. Bilbo uses the ring a few times in the book to take enemies out though.

    This is just from my memory of reading the book a few years back in high school. If anybody has any more details or corrections, lemme know. cheers!
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    My girlfriend and I were talking about making the actor who plays Bilbo look younger, and she quite rightly pointed out that there's no need for him to look any younger during The Hobbit than he looks in the Shire at the start of the Fellowship movie - he doesn't really age whilst he has the ring.
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    I think I read something where Jackson said he has NO plans in making the Hobbit. I wish he would though, I've seen the Hobbit cartoon movie and I would love to see it in live-action.
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    Personally, I hope they don't make The Hobbit. Although I know The Hobbit was originally written and published before the Lord of the Rings books, I think a prequel would still feel like a spin-off.
    I'm probably a bit biased though - I don't like The Hobbit book very much.
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    I also heard that Peter Jackson has no plans to make The Hobbit into a film, but he did say that he hopes someone does in the future. Who knows? Maybe he will allow another director to tackle it with WETA at his disposal.

    There were also rumors about a Simarillon mini-series airing on the HBO network, directed by PJ. But he specifically stated, in the interview I read, that he wants to move on to smaller movies after ROTK. He stated that he never understood why people didn't film three movies at a time when he started, but he understands now better than anybody.

    Just think though, that when ROTK is released, it will be a film that has been eight years in the making.
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