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Thread: The Hobbit

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    If the Hobbit were to be translated to film I think it would leave a lot out, even more than LOTR has. The movie would basically consist of Gandalf and the dwarves meeting Bilbo, being captured by the Trolls, Rivendell, going under the Misty Mountains/Bilbo finding the ring, a couple of events in Mirkwood perhaps, then onto the Dragon and the Battle of the Five Armies. That would be tought to fit into a 3 hour film.
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    After reading this tread and seeing both FOTR and TTT in the past 2 weeks, I going to have to go watch the animated version of the Hobbit again.
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    I'm in the middle of reading the Hobbit to my kids (it's my first time too) and would really love to see it made into a movie. I think it's totally doable and with the responses of all the actors having such a great time doing LOTR I bet they would come back. However, I would replace Ian Holm for Bilbo with Elijah Wood. It would make sense. IH just doesn't look that young to me in the FOTR prologue and I don't think he'd be believable doing all the action he'd be required to do for the Hobbit.

    John Rhys-Davies could be Gloin and possibly other dwarves like he did for the FOTR prologue, but who else could round out the other 12?
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    I dont think it would be that hard to fill out the other 12 dwarfs, most of them only 1 or 2 lines in the entire book (most have 1 in the cartoon "we are all at your service"). The only dwarfs that have really notible lines are Thorin, Balin, and Bombor (if memory holds). So just get a bunch of big guys like John Ryce Davies and do shrink them down a bit. I dont know who they would get to play Thorin, I cant picture him like the dwarfs look in FOTR, I picture him skinny like in the cartoon.....

    I agree that it would be hard to fit all of the story in a 3 hour time slot, but I'd kill to see Beorn in there (they left him out of the cartoon), and the battle of 5 armies (I want to see a huge dwarf army in battle, axes and all). I also want to see the awsome musical numbers like in the cartoon!

    I guess theres some stuff they could leave out or speed up, like the months that they are in Lake Town, they could speed up the begining a bit, and they could leave out them journying from Lake town to the Lonley mountian.
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    For some reason, whenever I read the Hobbit, I picture James Earl Jones as Beorn.

    Sean Connery should play the Bard.

    Charles Dance could play the Mirkwood Elf King (that's Legolas' dad to all you continuity buffs!)

    I dunno who could do Smaug's voice. I always here the cartoon version in my head.

    The thirteen dwarves would be very difficult to individualize. Did anyone notice how only three die in the book, but seven or eight buy it in the cartoon? Weird.
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  6. #16 have to remember that once Bilbo gets the ring, he no longer ages significantly. So I thought that Bilbo actually looked TOO young in the flashback sequence.

    The Hobbit is a VERY short book, even shorter then ROTK. I think they could easily do 90% of it in 3 hours. The whole tone would have to be completely different...much less dark then the current films. More aimed at children. And here's my vote for Darth Vader to do Smaug's voice.
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    if i were taking bets, i would wager that the hobbit will become a film in the near future. the LOTR films are making way too much money for new line or whom ever has the rights to just walk away from this franchise. the two towers is on pace to become the 2nd highest grossing film of all time, behind titanic.

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    I think they should stick with the guy that did Smaug's voice in the cartoon...

    If they do the dwarfs the same way as in the cartoon, alot of them look alike (i.e. Fili/Kili, Oin/Gloin, Bifor/Bofor, Balin/Dwalin ect.) If I remember correctly, the only ones that were really individualized were Thorin and Bombor (the only diffrence between Balin and Dwalin is the color of their hoods.)

    My whole view of elves is also thrown off from the cartoon/movie diffrences. The elves in Mirkwood are blue in the cartoon, blue!
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    How on earth did Titanic make 1.8 billion dollars?

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    I think John Huston did Smaug's voice in the cartoon, along with Gandalfs. In fact I didn't think I would ever be able to accept anyone else as the voice of Gandalf but John Huston, fortunately Ian McKellan did such an excellent job as to completely wipe out that concern.

    In loved Smaug's voice in the cartoon though. It was so unlike what you would expect a dragon to sound like. Most voice-actors would just give him a hissing snake-like voice, but John Huston made him sound ancient and wise beyond any man (not to mention a little tired of life also).

    Anyways, I would love to see The Hobbit made, even if a different actor is used for Bilbo. If for nothing else than to see the Battle of the Five Armies at the end (I love the idea of watching an army of dwarves in battle).
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