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Thread: The Hobbit

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    I think 2 good 2 hr movies would about do it. The story is a little more fast paced; I think it was aimed at a slightly younger audience, almost to tempt them to read LOTR. I hope they can sort out the red tape, it would be amazing to see the movie made in the same style.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jjreason
    I think 2 good 2 hr movies would about do it.
    Then with all the deleted scenes for DVD it would end up being a total of 6 hours between them!!
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    Sounds great to me! These stories are so fantastic, I'd even love to see "Expanded Universe" stuff - almost in the form of documentaries with commentary - showing the Kings of Men falling to Sauron, how the rings were distributed by him in the first place, the events leading up to the battle we see part of in Fellowship, a brief synopsis of the Silmarillion (set in the same land long before the rings, I believe - I've never read that story) on and on and on. Not all of it suitable for theatre viewing, but there's no end to the stuff that I'd love to watch set in that universe.

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    The movie wouldn't need to be very long, it could be done as one film that's about the same length in time as one of the other LOTR movies, maybe even shorter. The book The Hobbit is only about the same size as one of the books in LOTR (there are six - two for each movie/installment), isn't it?
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    Yeah, I agree wit' ya JJL. It doesn't need a whole lotta time--just on the order of 2.5-3 hours would do it. There's no need of a prologue, which would take up 10 minutes or so, and once the battle of the five armies is over there's no need for an extended ending.

    What needs to be thrown in?

    (Spoilers if you haven't read the book)

    1)Intro w/Gandalf,dwarves,Bilbo
    2)The trolls
    3)Minor Rivendell scene
    4)Misty Mountain orcs
    5)Running into Gollum (this better be substantial and with Andy Serkis)
    6)The wargs and eagles
    7)Beorn (though this could be cut down substantially from the book or just snipped like Tom Bombadil)
    8)Mirkwood spiders
    9)King Thranduil and the woodelves
    10)Lake Town (also could be somewhat minor)
    11)The Lonely Mtn.
    13)Attack of Lake Town
    14)5 armies
    15)Roll credits...

    Maybe it sounds like a lot, but if they make a decent portion of the movie with Gollum, Smaug, and the final battle, it would shape up to be kick A. The emphasis on the travelling part wouldn't need to be much because how it was done in LotR worked well (a huge trek in a short amount of time yet not seeming so).

    If it were done over two movies it wouldn't have the same impact. Yes, some cool stuff may get left out but putting everything in then splitting it into two features would be diluting the plot. I guess the point's moot if MGM and NL don't get it together.

    How does MGM have the distribution rights anyway and so what if they do? All NL has to do is let them pay to send the prints out to the theaters, right?
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    I think the amount of money this movie could possibly make will be enough to iron out whatever legal issues there are. And with PJ sounding like he wants to do it after King Kong i dont think he will have much problems pushing it through. Im thinking this movie could work in a 3 hour time frame. Two films seems a bit much for it, plus i cant stand the thought of having to wait another year just to see the ending.
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    A little something whimsical concerning Hobbits:..

    One of my favorite lines from any movie is(see sig line) in FotR.
    But I was thinking, When Galdalf says that line to Frodo he begins it by stating, "so do all men who see such times, ..."; But Fodo is not a man he's a Hobbit!
    So, I was thinking what would be a good nickname for Hobbits, like Human = Man/Men! Obviously I came up with Bits! But what about female Hobbits? Well seeing as how one major diffenece in both human or Hobbit women is more well endowed Breasts or T*ts! So T*ts + Bits = Tidbits!!!

    So the realm of Hobbits consists of Bits and Tidbits!
    OK maybe not.
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    Actually Hobbits are considered an offshoot of the race of men. In fact, the name 'halfling' was given to them by the tall Dunedain who noted that Hobbits were (more or less) little men, that were on average about half their own height.

    And that's one to grow on!

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    Re: The Hobbit

    I would love to see this movie get made with any and all original cast memebers taking up their roles again. This would be worth it for the battle with the dragon alone!
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    Re: The Hobbit

    I think it needs to be at least 3 1/2 hours if in one installment. Whatever the length of Braveheart was.
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