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Thread: The Hobbit

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    YES!!!!! Victory at last against the dark forces of New Line. Good thing MGM helped solve this conundrum by insisting PJ direct.
    We don't need the Hobbit done like Beowulf or Aragon typical Hollywood style.

    I noticed it will be a two-part movie. The longer the better. This tale needs to be told in great detail and love as only PJ can do.
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    Just read about it -great news!

    Let casting speculation begin!
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    See...I'm not sure how they can do two movies...according to comingsoon it's saying The Hobbit and a I'm not sure how that's gonna work.
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    It looks to me like The Hobbit is going to be broken into two movies. That sounds like a good idea to me.
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    Welcome news indeed, though it says that Jackson will produce, not direct. Hopefully Ian McKellen will reprise his role as Gandalf. I don't think Ian Holm could pull off a younger Bilbo. 2010 seems so far away

    Man, it feels weird just to type 2010.
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    Good news to me. I just hope Ian McKellen returns. You know, even if Ian Holm doesn't return as Bilbo, I say they cast James McAvoy (dude who played Mr. Tumnus in "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe") in the part.
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    Jackson not directing is kind of a major blow to the film, IMHO. The dude better have a serious say in how the film goes down or else it's gonna suck.

    and basically if they don't get McKellen and Holms, I don't even bother. PJ needs to make sure this film goes down properly or he's going to **** off millions of fans.

    I trust he'll have a voice in the casting/directing process too. Or at least, I hope.

    still, GREAT NEWS though!
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    Given Jackson's horsepower since LOTR, I think he will be a lot more hands-on in the process and have the ultimate say in the success of final product. I think his clout behind the scenes will be substantial.

    If he's going to have his name on the product, I think he'll be mindful of the result and not let us (fans) down.

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    I've heard that Guillermo Del Toro is supposedly directing, though I cannot seem to find reliable confirmation of that anywhere. If true, I'd say that's pretty awesome!


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