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Given Jackson's horsepower since LOTR, I think he will be a lot more hands-on in the process and have the ultimate say in the success of final product. I think his clout behind the scenes will be substantial.

If he's going to have his name on the product, I think he'll be mindful of the result and not let us (fans) down.

¡No te preocupes! (That's Elvish for "Don't worry!")
Really? That looks an awful lot like spanish! But I hope you're right!

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I've heard that Guillermo Del Toro is supposedly directing, though I cannot seem to find reliable confirmation of that anywhere. If true, I'd say that's pretty awesome!
I'd say that'd be the best news ever. What's odd is that last night in my blog about the film, he was on a short list of people who could direct it; the other being Alfonso Cuaron and sam raimi, as he's expressed interest in the hobbit film. He needs to be kept on a short leash after the debacle of Spider-Man 3 though.

If Del Toro gets it, all my fears will be gone.