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    Thumbs down MOTU: Keldor Figure

    Well, they finally decided to do a Keldor figure for the MOTU line. Pretty cool huh? Well, before you start to celebrate wait. The Keldor figure is going to be the San Diego Comic Con exclusive for 2003. And you thought their pack-out ratios, and their crappy rare variant re-paint plans were bad.

    But this is a Skeletor variant that people actually want. One that actually appears in the cartoon. And they make it an exclusive that most collectors will never get. The 2002 exclusive was just a cheap re-paint of He-Man, but this is just rediculous. Boo again to Mattel for their poor choices for the MOTU line.

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    JarJar, would you please update me on who Keldor is?

    I watched MOTU when I was a kid. I saw every episode and had all the original figures and playsets. Unfortunatly I catch the new episodes every so often.
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    Ah, in the premier episode for the new series the background was given for Skelator and his cronies.

    It seems that Skeletor used to be a normal looking blue skinned guy named Keldor.

    He did battle with the King (before the king became king) and got jacked Batman style (think Batman/Joker Tim Burton).

    In a nutshell Keldor is Skelator before he lost his face.
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    Yep. And for a little bit of background, you have to back to the original mini-comics from the figure line. Of course, the new series has started over again and some things have changed. But here's the plot synopsis from the original "Search for Keldor" Mini-comic.

    " Randor, Clamp Champ, Adam, and the Sorceress arrive at Eternia Tower at midnight. The purpose: to find out what happened to Randor's lost brother Keldor (Skeletor: "They must never discover the secret of Keldor, for that knowledge could destroy me!") So he sends Ninjor and Scare Glow, from Eternia's history and future, to stop them. They can't, and Skeletor ends up melting away into nothingness in the jaws of the Eternia Tower later after He-Man throws him there."

    The original plan was to later reveal that Keldor was Skeletor, but the line ended before that ever happened. The new cartoon series hasn't stated if Keldor/Skeletor is Randor's brother or not. It's likely, but there have been some storyline changes so far from the original storyline.

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    Are there any pics of the Keldor figure ??? I passed on the Faker figure...there were many more I would have like to seen other then him.
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    Man, I was hoping for a Keldor/Randor two-pack.

    JJB, you probably know this already, but I've heard the season finale will tie in very closely with He-Man's and Skeletor's origins from the series premiere. So it may be that the "big revelation" is that Skeletor is He-Man's Uncle Keldor.

    BTW, one episode I only saw part of had a mysterious figure guarding the Ram Stone (?) who was either Evil-Lyn's father or brother. He looked a lot like what I remember Scare Glow looking like. Was it him (and therefore we can hopefully get a new figure soon) or a clever impostor?
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    No pictures of the figure yet, but it's likely going to just be a modified Skeletor figure with a new head. Maybe it will include his cape and actually have boots, unlike the greaves that Skeletor wears. Here's a picture of Keldor from the premiere episode of the cartoon.

    Cool info El Chuxter, I know the finale will be a big deal but I hadn't heard that part yet. I'm hoping we get a few more origin stories soon. Especially for Kronis/Trap-Jaw and Tri-Klops. We saw Kronis in the premiere episode, before he was rebuilt by Tri-Klops so that is cool to tie things together.

    Nope, it wasn't Scare Glow but that did pop into alot of people's minds. In the episode he was refered to as "The Faceless One", and is the guardian of the Ram Stone. At the end of the Episode Evil-Lyn informs Skeletor that the Stone fell into the abyss around Greyskull. In reality she returned it to The Faceless One with a note that said that Skeletor wouldn't seek it out again. The faceless one then remarks "There may still be hope for you yet, my daughter."

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    I'm not bothered. MotU to me will always play out like the first little books (pre mini comics) that came with the first of the original series of figures. Keldor wasn't in them.

    I still have them somewhere....
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    Well, at first i was really upset about it. Now i have accepted it. I think it is really cool we are getting a Keldor figure. We just have to deal. I will be hitting ebay for this one.
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    Well, Keldor has been revealed over on I can't say that I'm totally impressed. Since it's really a basic Skeletor figure with three interchangable heads. The paint apps on him are pretty good though. And I love the fact he comes with the little acid thing that he tried to use on Randor that splashed back on him. It looks really nice, but I wish they would have modified the body a bit more to remove the crossed bones on his chest armor and given him boots, etc.

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