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Thread: Council Sabers?

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    Question Council Sabers?

    What colours do you think the rest of the Jedi Council Members Lightsabers will be, I hope there will be at least one more in blue.

    This is what I think-
    Deppa Billaba- Red
    Even Piell-Blue
    Yareal Poof-Green
    Oppo Rancessis-Yellow

    What do you think

    By the way I hope I spelled the names right

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    I belive those are all correct coler matches. Except for Yaddle, who has an Orange saber. And Even Peill who has a Red saber.

    Could sombody look this up, I belive its in Star Wars tales (the one where Yaddle becomes a Jedi)
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    Talking i know!

    go to my website at
    I have a lot of info on all the Jedi!
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    Thanks for the link

    Now I know the colour of there lightsabers
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    Thumbs up I hope

    I am hoping that Hasbro will make the remianing council members. I do not remember correctly, but was Eeth Koth on the first fan choice poll. If he was, then I have hope that Yareal Poof could be made next. And then after that Even Piell. We cannot forget about Depa Billaba, although somewhat boring, they made Adi Gallia. Yaddle is the same species as Yoda, how many of that kind are still left. Finally, Oppo Ranscicis may not have alot of play value, but is cool. He can come with the Jedi chair to make up for his short comings. I hope that they do include different color blades if produced.
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    Hmmm...what color is Yoda's lightsaber?? We should get a new yoda with his lightsaber, maybe in EPII??
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