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    I'd rather see the Jedi have a last stand at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, like the Alamo. Just massive amount of Clone Troopers fighting to get inside. When they finally breach as Megatron once said, "Let the slaughter begin!" Yoda gives the evacuation order and it's every Jedi for themself. As everyone tries to flee, Mace, and a few others decide to delay the Clone Troopers to allow some Jedi the chance to flee. Then Obi-Wan with baby Luke and Yoda talk together for one brief moment at their respective ships before taking off, never to reunite until The Empire Strikes Back.

    (just my vision of what I would like to see happen)

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    What snakeplkn said.

    A good portion of Jedi die on-screen in AOTC.

    It is implied that the Clone Wars between Episode II and III decimate their ranks even further.

    A giant Hoth-like battle at the beginning of III will shrink their numbers even more.

    Finally, the last stand at the Jedi Temple where Vader invades and whups on Plo Koon, Ki Adi Mundi, and other assorted Council members. Clone troopers come in and there is a tense scene where the younglings are hiding in a room protected by Yaddle and/or Adi Gallia, the clone troopers rush in, the doors shut ominously.

    Leaving only Yoda, Obi Wan, and Mace who escaped the temple before Vader got there.

    Naturally Mace offers himself up as a diversion and sacrifices himself so Yoda and Obi can escape with preggers Padme.
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    If you've been reading, you may have noticed that a lot of Jedi have already been dying before the AOTC events, but it's all just normal-sounding stuff. I think we'll see Vader give the Emp advice on what types of situations to set Jedi up for the kill with, but we won't see a lot of rounded-up Jedi being wholesale slaughtered.
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    Wow Tycho, that sounds pretty cool to me, but I doubt Jedi would allow themselves to be executed like that. Afterall, they do use the Force for defense, and I doubt they'd hesitate to defend themselves against Palpatine and anyone who would actively hunt them down. I'm all for seeing the Jedi purge on screen though! I'd tend to be just a bit disappointed if we don't get to see the awesome lightsaber battles these scenes would bring!

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    I think that a holocaust/concentration camp style thing in Episode III would be a little too harsh for Star Wars and also, Lucas wants everybody to enjoy his movies.
    It would be insensitive to a jewish person who has maybe lost relatives to the holocaust to have that in an entertainment movie.
    Stuff like the holocaust should be left to documentaries and movies like Schindlers List etc.

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    I imagine the Jedi serving as the officer corps for the new clone army. During the course of the war, the number of Jedi is reduced to a few hundred, who will then be hunted down by Vader.


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