You know, Lucas loves to preach. Here he has a chance to mass educate about the Holocaust, like Spielberg did - and the two are buddies. If "Joe growing up in Arkansas" doesn't know, care, or empathize with the Jewish Holocaust (or Bosnia, Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq...etc but mostly the Jewish Concentration Camps), when they are the Jedi being mass murdered (hero characters we've come to love) it will bring out the desired empathy and understanding. With religion and immaculate conception (which didn't happen but was likley a set-up), Lucas can't keep from preaching.

Personally, I like it. It does make you reflect. And it's intelligent writing.

The Sith vs. Republic is an age old debate about the kind of most effective government, violently played out.

Well, I opened up a can 'o worms for something to talk about.