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    Armed Forces Star Wars Collectors

    I thought I'd set up a thread where us military guys could discuss Star Wars collecting.

    Branch: US Air Force
    Time in Service: 9.5 years
    Current Location: Washington DC Area
    What do you collect?: Classic Trilogy 3 3/4" figures, some Legos

    So, has anyone been stationed overseas? I was in Korea from July 99-July 00. My wife stayed in the US, so she bought me all of the figures I wanted during that year (and while I was deployed in 2001. While I was in Korea, I picked up some bootleg SW figures. Man, they're ugly. I got "Episode 1" Qui-Gon and Anakin with fake Commtech chips. I also bought some figure 8-packs. I'll post some pics when I get a chance. I have one extra.

    Most of my collection is loose for 3 reasons:
    1. They are more fun
    2. PCSing every 2 years takes it's toll on carded figures
    3. Military housing doesn't have much room for large collections

    I saw AAFES started to carry some Star Wars figures again. Well, since I don't go to the BX very often, the only figures I saw were Jar Jar Senator and Dexter. Nothing like the good old clearance days back in 98-99.

    So how about you?
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    Branch: Army
    Time In Service: 6 Years
    Rank: Staff Sergeant E-6
    Current Assignment: 344th MI Bn Goodfellow AFB, Texas
    What I Collect: All 3 3/4 figures and ships from old and new trilogy

    I am currently attached to a training battalion for training Intelligence personell. I have been to Germany ( to cold!)
    Korea ( Tolerable) and England (I Love it). Military has been very interesting as far as collecting Star Wars. You can get your bootlegs in other countries and you get robbed blind by the english if you are not careful. The PX's and BX's I've been to have not had any selection at all mostly the same three figures. I get most of my figures from traders on this site or ebay. My Mom and Wife also help me in collecting to when I'm overseas. Thank God I'm stateside again!! I an actually buy figures in stores again at reasonable prices. Rogue II you are right PCSing does take its toll on good carded figures. I take that risk on most of mine although there is still stuff I just can't resist opening (i.e. Republic Gunship, Tie Bomber and Interceptor). Some stuff is just to cool to keep in the box.
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    Branch: Army
    Time in service: 9 years
    Current assignment: Fort Knox, KY
    Collect: 3.75 inch US and non-US carded figures.

    I am currently looking at getting Pro cases for all of my carded figures to avoid problems with PCSing. I only lost a couple SW cards to the last move. Unfortunatly all of my McFarlane Movie Maniacs suffered greatly. I have decided to stick to 3.75 inch stuff with a few (very few) exceptions.

    I am also collecting the TRU Trans Formers Commemorative Series line.

    Best deal I ever found at the PX/BX was a MOMC CommTech Leia for $3.95!!!

    I was in Hawaii for 4 years before moving out here 18 months ago. There are no Target's in Hawaii so I missed out on the Skiff much to my dismay.

    I heard that after the fiasco of EP1 AAFES refused to carry Star Wars action figures. Indeed, for the last year that I was in Hawaii I never saw a new shipment of Star Wars figures hit the PX/BX. Since I arrived here the only time I was able to find Star Wars figures at the PX was during the initial release for the movie.

    I pretty much buy from TRU and Wal-Mart these days. During the holidays my wife, daughter and I drive to Canton Ohio and spend time with her family. I have had a lot of luck at the TRU outside Cincinnati (Ephant Mon, Endor Soldier clean shaven and re-issue Optimus Prime).

    Next summer I will be driving to Colorado for my 10 year High School reunion. I will be on the look out.
    May the force be with you.

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    I am not the one in the military, except for being a military dependent all my life, but my father and hubby were both Air Force.

    Branch: Air Force (hubby)
    Time in service: (father 30 years) (hubby 20 years)
    Current assignment: retired in Colorado

    I've found a few good deals at the BX in the past, but the BX's in my area (Colorado Springs) haven't been carrying much of the Saga line either, as previously mentioned by sith_killer_99 and Rogue II. They had STACKS and STACKS of Ep I stuff, and had to clearance it at quite a loss.

    I collect just about ANYTHING SW.

    Oversees assignments:
    Clark Field, PI
    Hamilton AFB Bermuda
    Ankara, Turkey
    Oxford, England
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    I was in Colorado Springs for 3.5 years. I found a lot of stuff at the Peterson BX.

    I hope to get back to Colorado someday.
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    WOW, I'm actually from Colorado, I was born in Minnesota and my family moved to Colorado when I was 10 years old.

    We lived down in Ellicott (sp?) just east of Colorado Springs my freshmen year. That's where I learned to drive.

    The rest of the time we lived in Commerce City. Then I joined the Army and went to AIT at Fitzsimmons, USAMEOS (United States Army Medical Equipment and Optical School). They shut down Fitz and moved our school to Shepard AFB in Texas.

    Duty Assignments:

    Ft. Belvoir, VA
    Tripler, HI
    Fort Knox, KY
    May the force be with you.

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    I've worked in:
    March AFB, CA
    Cheyenne Mountain, CO
    Osan AB, Korea
    Travis AFB, CA
    and currently at the Pentagon.
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    Branch: Air Force
    Time in service: 8 years
    Stationed at: Shaw AFB, SC
    I collect: Mostly 3 3/4 but some 12" and miscellaneous as well.

    I was stationed in England for 6 years. That's where I got back into collecting SW stuff. A lot of exclusive stuff I had to pay English collector prices (a whole lot of $$$). But now that I'm back in the states I have Wally World so all is good now. Most of my collection is carded so when it's PCS time I package it all up myself. I use hard plastic cases and loads of packing materials.
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    I'm not surprised several of you have been stationed or once lived in Colorado, since we have Fort Carson, Air Force Academy, Falcon now Shriever, Cheyenne Mountain, Peterson in Colorado Springs alone, plus Ent AFB many moons ago, then Denver having Lowry (where Celebration I was held) and Fitz, both now closed. Lots of military love it so much they come back and retire

    Rogue II, my hubby worked at Space Command at Pete, but also worked often up at Cheyene Mt. Small world I did find that the Pete BX had more SW in the Toyland area than the Academy BX too.
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    I KNEW there was a reason I didn't join the Navy....


    Order of the day: You three don't get anywhere near each other!

    (keep in mind, original line-up said GO NAVY)
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