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    Question Online stores

    I wanted to know which online stores everyone has used and what kind of service they have given. The only online store I've ordered from is the Fanclub which I've trusted for a couple years. I know SSG has sponsors that are supposed to be good but I've seen bad posts about KEBCO and I dont think I would order from them. I saw a KEBCO rep make crappy and rude posts to customer (maybe two) about there order which was several months late. What about the other sponsors??? What about online stores that are not sponsors of this site?? I want to order some SW and non-SW items but dont want to get burned. Any info would be very appreciated.

    Add: I dont mean FAO, KB and the major chains
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    Yestertoys is cool, I've used them in the past. Planet Action Figure also gets thumbs up from me. But for the cheapest prices and decent service, I would suggest Yestertoys. Avoid the high priced places like Brian's Toys or Amok Time if you can.

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    i've ordered from brian's toys before and had good service. other than the major online retailers, all my online pruchases are limited to 1/6th scale military stuff. PM me if you're interested in any of those vendors, as i've read you do buy ultimate soldier stuff.

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    I bought some figures from Yestertoys. I had no problems with them. I've read many good things about them also.

    From what I've heard, KEBco also has a good reputation.
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    I have ordered from Entertainment Earth and M&M Collectables. Both of these services were outstanding in my opinion. The figures I ordered arrive in great condition (Double boxed in both cases) and were shipped in a very timely manner. As far a price goes, M&M had some very good prices and while EE tends towards the expensive, they usually have a great clearence section.

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    I thought Brian's Toys was great. Yes, they do have high prices on some items, but just don't buy them. Sometimes you can get really good deals with them on loose items, and their shipping packaging and speed is top notch.
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    I order and trust - great service, very reliable, great prices! Yestertoys allows you to order individual figures and at your own designated quantities of them, too.

    I like - their service is excellent, their reliability perfect, but their non-mint items are priced better than their new items and you can't order individual figures too often.

    I just ordered from for my first time. (12" Plo Koon). My friends swear by them. They sell by the case instead of individual figures, but their prices are great. They also e-mailed me immediately and told me exactly when my pre-order purchase (Plo Koon) was shipping. (also - perfect and fine. Great prices, you can buy what you want just like you're in the store! sent me 4 gunships before they even hit the stores here! Perfect condition, too. They don't seem to sell individual figures though - so you have to go to their stores for that.

    The Official Fan Club - great service, cool exclusives, no problems.

    I think that's all I ordered from.
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    I also ordered from once--no complaints with the service, and they always send out 10% off coupns. But, they don't always have a great SW selection.
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    Thanks to you all...I appreciate the info very much
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    Entertainment Earth - very good, send out cases 80% of the time before the figures hit the shelves here in Minnesota.

    Yestertoys - Another very good site. Reasonable prices, prompt service.

    Planet Action Figure - good, but some times I can find stuff in the stores before they get their shipments and orders out. Still a good site.

    Action Figure Express - decent. hard to track order status, but the items I ordered arrived in mint condition and cases are cheaper than Entertainment Earth, but selection isn't as good.

    D&S Sci-Fi Toy World - can order individual figures for a good price.
    Only used them once but I'd use them again.

    Brian's - does have good service, but prices are a little over inflated. Living in MN and his shop in Wis. I get my orders very quickly. The one big plus with Brian's is, he has everything you could want. One stop shopping if you need to complete or get replacements.

    Amok Time - I had problems once with them, but the things I did order came in on time, good condition so they aren't all bad.

    I used the laughing place store to order the star tour figures - price was good, but packing was bad, or I got the bum cards. Corners folded, bent, bubbles dented. Didn't matter since I opened them.

    Another good site to check out is the Amazon auction site. You can get good deals some times since its not a breeding ground for scalpers and bidding nuts like ebay. I got some good stuff cheap from amazon's auction site.

    Just depends on what you're looking for.


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