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    Question Should the triligy be remade?

    I apologize to everyone who has probably hashed this over a thousand times, but I am new to SirSteves, and would really like to hear everybody's point of view about this. This was actually discussed at the dinner table lastnight, which if you knew my family, because of me, all are tired of hearing about Star Wars. Should the original triligy be remade in modern technology? I mean taking George Lucas' knowlege of special effects and the choreography of the lightsaber battles of today versus the first lightsaber between Obi-Wan and Darth Vader in ANH. Please dont take me wrong, I wouldnt be a Star Wars fan if not for the very first release in 1977 or is that 1978? George Lucas discovered something great, unlocked our imaginations and has captivated us for 25 years with his movies.

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    It will never happen. Besides I could never except any other actors portraying the characters.

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    Nope, they fit fine together. Lucas even comments on the change in the style of the lightsaber duels between the PT and the OT. The prequels show Jedi's in their prime, where as the OT shows us the remains of the Jedi order. Ben is old and out of practice, Anakin/Vader is old and mostly crippled by the damage that happened to him. Neither of them are in shape for backflips and energetic lightsaber duels anymore.

    Same with Luke, he's not experienced or even really well trained. Ben and Yoda only taught him what he needed to know to survive. They showed him basic lightsaber use. If it wasn't for Vader's age, injuries, and being out of practice Luke wouldn't have had a shot. Not to mention he got his arse kicked the first time, and only defeated Vader the second time, because he got angry.

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    He needs to add to them though, I have a few gripes (just a few) about the classic trilogy:

    1) Change Luke Skywalker's lightsaber in ANH to blue NOT white!

    2) Change it when Luke ignites his lightsaber in ANH, it looks like they've paused it or something.

    3) Add more to the Battle of Hoth.. more ground troups, more AT-AT walkers, some mini walkers (the ones that were on Endor) AS-AT's? Imperial ground troops, more speeders, just a larger scale a la The Battle of Geonosis

    4) Remove the black lines when Luke fights the Rancor Monster.

    5) Add more footage of Boba Fett hunting Han Solo and show Boba on Bespin watching the Falcon land.

    There are a few more but I can't think of em right now :-D Who agrees with the ones I've said?

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    I think they should fix the side effects of the optical effects, and I think they will make those kinds of changes on the DVDs.
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    If they ever release the Triligy on DVD. Has anybody heard anthing about that?
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    The Classic Trilogy is supposed to come out on DVD in 2006 or so.
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    Originally posted by JediDBM
    If they ever release the Triligy on DVD. Has anybody heard anthing about that?
    They will, but it won't be until atleast 2006 from what Lucas has said. He's wants to be personally involved with the DVD releases, and doesn't have time with working on the prequels. Supposedly the reason he doesn't have the time is that he's planning archival editions of each film which will include redone special effects.

    I know they want to redo the ANH Jabba for one. And replacing the O.L.M.E Emperor with Ian McDirmand for another change. There is some talk that he may do archival versions of the prequels as well. Such as replacing the crappy E1 puppet Yoda with a CGI version.

    Of course who knows what he really has planned, until 2006 rolls around. We may not even see the entire OT on DVD in 2006. Since both Lucas and Spielburg are currently only planning to release one film each year from the Indiana Jones Trilogy. We may end up getting ANH in 2006, ESB in 2007, and ROTJ in 2008.

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    a spielberg and lucas commentary for Indiana Jones?
    Do you think that the OT DVD's would be just like the prequel ones.. 2 disc sets, commentary, deleted scenes, documentaries, featurettes, trailers, photo galleries, animated menu's etc?

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    My guess is the CT DVDs will be like the prequel ones, or that new editions of the prequels will be released to match the CT.

    I doubt a Spielberg commentary will appear on the Indy discs. IIRC, Spielberg has stated many times that he loathes commentaries and refuses to do them.
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