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    Just picked up an Imperial Shuttle: I sure hope it is worth it.


    I went to Cloud City Collectibles and ordered one of the $119 shuttles. On top of the cheaper price they charge a lot less to ship. I really don't care about the quality of the box because I am opening it to display which in my opinon is the only thing to do with ships. I sure hope this thing is worth the money. I have always wanted one and can't wait to set up the scene from the beginning of Return of the Jedi with the emperor, vader, and the troops. I just really need someone to tell me that this is a purchase that I won't regret because I am experincing a little guilt for spending all that money for a toy. Post spending guilt sucks.
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    Since you really wanted it ok. I have an vintage one and I love it.
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    Darthwitko I envy you. No FAO's near me. I've been waiting for this shuttle for some time, and I will bath in pride when I get mine, so should you. Spend what you choose. Guilt has nothing to do with it. I remember paying an extra $20 for my Imperial scanning officer with case in 98. It was pricy, but today I still think it was a great value.
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    that is exactly what I was thinking. I will feel guilt about it now but in a year I will forget that guilt and be extemely happy that I have a shuttle. Now to pick up some Imperial Royal Guards. Time for some troop building.
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    Your bragging, the dark side grows in me. Where's my shuttle?
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    Most. misleading. post. ever!

    I was like "oh, hell no, don't tell me he got a shuttle and i'm still waiting for mine!!!!!"

    breathe mike, breathe. yours will be here shortly....just keep telling yourself that.
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    Is there a stress management class me and Jedi master guyute can go to to relieve this shuttle crisis!!!!?
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    The Darkside has clouded my Judgement. Probably should have called this post just ordered the imperial shuttle. I really can't wait for this to arrive. Supposively the Shuttles are in stock so it should be here in 5-10 days. I will have to write a review on how I feel about it. Hopefully the Emperor will appreciate what I have done for him and quick nagging me to get more toys. I figure the Emperor needs transportation worthy so he can travel between the Death Star, Star Destroyer, and Endor.
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    Check our for a neat review of the shuttle. The pictures are bigger and we get to see inside the cockpit -- but not the interior -- but they do confirm that the side DOES open.(maybe that was never a question) -- take a look see.
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    I have been at that site all morning. There are some wonderfull pictures there and I have been drolling over the shuttle the whole time. I can't wait to get my hands on this thing and fly it around the galaxy.
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