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    Very impressive dioramas! Wish I had the space to display mine. I would love to add my set ups to your collections.
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    I thoroughly enjoyed it, Sidious.

    It's my plan to do an arena diorama but with just three or figures at the most. I haven't thought about which characters of what just yet but that's my goal this year.

    Was that just brown wrapping paper (butcher's paper??) you used for the base? I'd thought about using craft sand.

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    It was basically a bunch of brown paper bags cut up. My parents would kill me if I ever brought sand in the house...I'm glad you liked it though.
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    It was a material I'd never thought of using.

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    Wow. What other dioramas do you have? I hope you create something involving Darth Vader in the future, perhaps a Death Star scene if you have not already. Keeping posting and keep up with the nice pics.
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    As for my other diorami (), they are in this section, except they are farther back. I do have 2 with Vader, the Bespin Dining Hall and the "Throwing Palpatine into the Chasm" diorama. If you look around you should be able to find them. Oh, by the way, this is my 1000th post! Yay.
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    CONGRATS Drath Sidous!!!! I still got a ways to go....


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