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    Target Clearance

    Just wanted to give a heads up to everyone, my local Targets have had the following items on sale.

    Jedi Dex - $9.98
    Keychains of Anakin's lightsaber, Zam's blaster, & Jango's blaster - $2.38
    little electronic Jedi Starfighter game - $4 (I think)
    Target exclusive Action Fleets - $2.98

    I know it's not much but just letting you guys know. They also had these other toys on sale. (instead of me making another post)

    Lego Twin-Pod Cloud Car - $6.98
    Lego Jedi Defense 1 & 2 & Final Duel 1 & 2 - $4.18 or $2.98
    Lego Ewok Attack - $6.48
    I was disappointed that the bigger sets like the Starfighter or Slave 1 or the Gunship weren't clearanced.

    Deluxe sound figures - $6
    Bashing Beetle - $13.44
    Castle Greyskull - $25
    Target exclusive He-Man & Skeletor - $8.98

    Hope this helps someone.
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    thanks but figures of star wars are usually the best news to hear about
    Star Wars, there is nothing better; well Lord of the Rings is pretty dang close.

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    May Target had on clearence as of today 1/2/03...

    Anakin Skywalker Training Lightsaber $19.99
    AOTC Arena Playset $19.99
    Battle Packs $3.98
    and R2-D2 $48.95

    Pretty good prices!
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