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    BTW has anyone ever missed a day or something? I fugured out how to use time travel... you get really weedy but it works.
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    OK. I'm still playing. How about you?

    We just got a GBAsp, so we're spending time on our little island now. Life is so nice and simple on the island.

    The only real complication is that I just got Grand Theft Auto 3 and now I'm a little torn between pulling weeds and collecting bugs in one game or stealing cop cars and smashing pedestrians in the other ... eh, such is life.

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    I've been meaning to try out this game for a while now. After reading this thread I'm not so sure if I should.

    Although I do know how it is when you become addicted to a video game at the expense of a healthy social life. I was that way for weeks when I bought Harvest Moon for the Super Nintendo (easily one of my all-time favorite games). I can't wait for the upcoming Gamecube version.

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    I had a friend tell me that she used to zone out while playing the Sims for huge periods of time. I wont go near the Sims ... but I suspect it's pretty much the same as Animal Crossing. I'll admit ... my dedication to the "town" has become a bit less frequent. My whole family is playing (wife, kid and me ... good family fun) and we pretty much just wander around once or twice a week or when something "special" is going on. This month was the "fishing tournament".

    The funniest thing is how my in-laws have gotten into this game. My father in-law retired last year and they bought a Game Cube. He'll sit down, play a little and then take a nap. The game's worst problem is that it's so relaxing that it makes you drowsy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigbarada
    A "virtual-sedative?"
    Pretty much. I have fell asleep sevaral times while fishing late at night.

    This game is way better than the Sims. In the Sims, you have to worry about eating, sleeping, personal hygene, using the bathroom, your job, and advancing skill levels. In Animal Crossing, all you have to do is collect furniture, find money, talk to the animals, catch bugs, and go fishing. AC is much more relaxing.
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    Okay, I bought AC about two weeks ago and I can't stop playing it! Everytime I think I am going to put it down for good and go on to something else, I wake up the next morning thinking, "Oooh, I wonder what fossils I got in the mail this morning." Then the madness starts all over again.

    BTW, is there any real negative aspect to getting stung by bees? I get stung on average of about 5 times a day, and it never does anything but elicit some amusing reactions from the townsfolk. The swelling goes down as soon as you Save & Quit or travel to another town, so I can't see any reason to really avoid it. Although actually trying to capture the bees in the bugnet is just an exercise in frustration. Anybody been able to catch these little buggers?

    Anyways, this is easily one of the most addictively-fun video games I've ever played.

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    I still play this game almost every day. Make sure you only mail 3 fossils per day. you won't get any more than that in the mail. This weekend, I actually got my HRA up to 209,000. I have the hidden nintendo theme upstairs and the Thanksgiving theme downstairs. The codes for the nintendo theme were in Nintendo Power magazine, but you can find them on the intertnet pretty easy.

    Bee stings don't have any lasting effect. The animals will laugh at you when you first talk to them, but that's about it. Catching them isn't that hard. When you shake the tree, make sure you are standing on the north side of the tree. When the hive falls, turn around so that you are facing north. Grab your net. When the swarm of bees get to the 3 o'clock position or so, swing the net. It comes down to timing.
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    So, wait a minute, if I mail out five fossils in one day does that mean that two of those fossils will vanish into thin air?

    Anyways, thanks for the info on the bees, if Tom didn't pay out 4500 Bells I wouldn't bother; but for that amount of money it's worth a try.

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    Rogue II ... 209,000 HRA is crazy! I've got 150,000ish and that was hard.

    Quote Originally Posted by bigbarada
    Okay, I bought AC about two weeks ago and I can't stop playing it! Everytime I think I am going to put it down for good and go on to something else, I wake up the next morning thinking, "Oooh, I wonder what fossils I got in the mail this morning." Then the madness starts all over again.
    Ah, hahahaha ... you're trapped!

    We've really slacked when it comes to keeping our town up. I haven't been around much since October ... and I keep rolling the clock back so I wont miss Halloween. (I'm so behind now it's sad.) Christmas time is the best with the igloos and being able to score the entire winter/snow furniture set. Man that game will haunt you even when you're no where near it.

    (We picked up Mario Sunshine and have been stuck on that for a while.)

    But, my in-laws still play AC on a weekly basis ... I think they have 2 towns going on different memory cards.

    The bee stings only serve to make you look ugly and freak out the animals. As you know, they'll make fun of you and scream and stuff like that. Catching the bees is pretty hard, I've only done it twice in a year.

    See ... now that your playing, you'll end up freaking out and saying ... "Oh, I wonder what the town is doing for Christmas." Then you'll run off and spend the holidays with the animals. Last New Years, instead of watching the "ball" drop in Times Square, we watched fireworks in our village.


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