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    Hey guys, sorry I only get to visit here once in a blue moon. I managed to find a solution to many of the problems with only getting one song a week from KK and one carpet from Saharah, one wallpaper from Wendell, etc. Just create three towns!! I had bought my brother a copy of the game in the hopes that he would play it and help me complete some of the furniture sets; but he's afraid that the game will take up too much of his time (pretty much the exact same reason I waited over a year to try it out). Anyways, I was running three towns throughout most of January and was able to get quite a collection of merchandise (not to mention collecting ALL of the fossils for the museum and saving up over 2 million Bells in the Post Office). Unfortunately with a new college semester starting up I had to delete two of the towns yesterday (after cleaning out all three of Tom's lotteries). It was just getting too stressful trying to keep up with everything.

    I'm still trying to complete the Boxing Theme, however. All I need at this point are the Red Corner, the Blue Corner and the Judge's Bell. Do any of you guys have access to these items? I'm not sure how the password system works, but I think we can trade items even over the net. As long as you know the exact name of the player and town, you can pretty much send them anything. Anyways, just let me know what you guys are looking for and we can give it a shot. I'm working in our college's Macintosh lab this semester, so I will be able to visit here a little more frequently.

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    I just got the Red Corner the other day. I've had the Blue and bell for a long time. Post your town and name and I'll hook you up.
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    My name: Koby
    My town name: Pittburg

    Thanks, it's been driving me crazy every time Redd shows up and he only has three items and two of them are just overpriced garbage I can get at Tom Nook's anyday. Post a list of any items you are looking for and I will send them to you if they're in my catalog already or keep my eyes peeled for them in the future.

    BTW, these are the items I got out of Tom's lottery the other day, let me know if any of you guys need them:

    Lovely Kitchen
    Hi-Fi Stereo
    Garden Pond
    Mario Trophy
    Ranch Hutch
    White Queen
    Black King
    White King

    Thanks again, Rogue II!!

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    Reading this entire thread makes me happy I dont have a gamecube. This game sounds like fun, but I would never have the time to play it. And hey BigB long time no see.
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    The worst thing is that if you run out of time to play it, or get distracted by other games... you start to feel really, really guilty. (But it is fun!)

    OK. I found this over at the Takara toys site... cool.

    There's also a little Nook's set.

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    My wife loves sim-type games, and she got me a GameCube for Christmas. I was debating picking this up, since it sounds kinda cool, and the NES games make it an added bonus.

    However, after reading the posts here and seeing how addictive it is (not to mention the major turn-off of "real-time playing"), I have decided to preserve both our sanity and pass.

    I'm practically widowed to the Return of the King game as it is.
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    I've heard rumors floating around about Animal Crossing 2. I wonder what new features that would have. With as much as I love this game that doesn't mean I wouldn't mind seeing a couple of improvements. For instance, more distinct personalities for the animal residents - when you start getting more than seven residents you start to notice a few animals have the exact same personality and every once in a while they even repeat the same dialog. Also, less emphasis on letter writing unless Nintendo plans to release a keyboard accessory.

    What improvements would you other AC-junkies like to see?

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    Quote Originally Posted by plasticfetish
    The worst thing is that if you run out of time to play it, or get distracted by other games... you start to feel really, really guilty. (But it is fun!)

    OK. I found this over at the Takara toys site... cool.

    There's also a little Nook's set.
    I just got around to clicking on those links, how cool!! I wonder if any of those will ever make it over here.

    BTW, just out of curiosity, what residents do you guys have in your towns? Right now my town has:

    Jambette (but she plans on moving the next time I visit another town)

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    Hey, Rogue II, don't worry about the Blue Corner anymore, I just got it yesterday through a little bit of creative cheating. I think I can use the same method to get ahold of the Red Corner and Judge's Bell also, it will just take more time.

    What I did was create another town as my guinea pig town and I did a little time travelling. I would set the clock to register as 10 AM on the last day of each month so I could get an advanced look at the lottery items being offered. I just kept jumping forward month after month after month after month...... fast forward to June 30th 2010, when the Blue Corner was finally offered in the lottery. I then reset the clock back to about the middle of June and went crazy stocking up on lottery tickets, I was trying for 25 sets (since you can only hold a total of 25 items in your inventory and letters) but had to settle for 24 sets when I just ran out of money (buying out Tom's inventory everyday puts a major strain on your wallet). In any case, it was enough, when I jumped forward to lottery day the Blue Corner was still up for grabs and I won with about 13 sets of tickets to spare.

    Getting the stuff from Redd might be a little tougher since he shows up on a random schedule. Actually, I guess I could just keep jumping from Sale Day to Sale Day (in November) until the stuff I want becomes available (I think I can go all the way up to 2099 with the clock).

    The cool thing about all of this was that the 6 year time difference didn't have any effect when I traveled to my primary town (Pittburg) and buried the Blue Corner.

    It was pretty funny when the animals in my trial town would complain about not having talked to me in 67 months. But they were all quick to forgive (one actually thought I was running from collection agents ) and the next time I talked to them it was business as usual.

    The only real downside is that the weed problem gets pretty out of hand. If a fruit tree is surrounded by weeds then, when you shake it, the fruit won't drop it will just disappear since it has nowhere to land (the same holds true for the daily 'money rocks' that you have to hit with a shovel).

    If anyone else has come up with some new ways of manipulating the game, I'm all ears.

    BTW, what purpose do the DUMMY and Pitfall serve?
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    If you bury a pitfall and one of your animal neighbors walk over the spot, they fall into a pit. Serves as a mean little practical joke. The DUMMY is a leftover item the programmers used to test the game out during development but forgot to take out in the final version. It serves no purpose.
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