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Thread: 12" vs 3 3/4"?

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    My vote, I like them both. They both have their own unique qualities to them. The 4" have the versitility with playsets, ships, and diorama posibilities, while the 12" just look freaking cool displayed all together on a shelf. Yeah, there are the rehashes of old figures just changed slightly to appear "new", but heck, if I see another rehash version of Han Solo from classic Wars, I might turn to the darkside. I can't wait until 2006, the Star Wars movies will have come and gone, and hasbro will have to think of new ideas to keep us collectors still buying their products. There are so many things they could make that it boggles the mind. Perhaps someday in a far off distant planet, Hasbro would have made everything that our little collector's hearts could ever imagine. Always remember, it could be worse. Just look how horribly the Batman action figures have been handled. How many freaking Batman variations are there? Holy Bat turds Batman!!!

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    I like the 3 3/4 inch simply becasue of cost. I do however collect both, but it really depends on the figure. I couldn't see spending 20 dollars on the Zam.

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    I have bought what I can, when I can of both the 4" and the 12" figures. I see good and bad in both lines. I loved the 12" Darth Maul, and the TaunTauns with Luke and Han. If I were trying to build an army of 12" stormtroopers, it would wipe me out financially, not to mention the amount of space it might take up. The 4" figures come in much better for that purpose.
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    True the costs for 12" are up there, but since the Saga line has been released there is one thing you can count on with the 12". Neutral poses!!! God help us if they put action features on the 12".
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    I would keep 12" with the same reasons as Darth Cruel.


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