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Thread: 12" vs 3 3/4"?

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    12" vs 3 3/4"?

    I collect every 12 and 3 3/4, and some days I can't decide which I like better. Zuckuss, and Lando 12" just stun me every time I look at them. Then there is the 3 3/4 FX-7, Ephant, and Palpatine figs. The playability and diaroma opportunities for 3 scale is limitless, but the 12" detail is glorious. So hypothetically if you had to part with one of these two formats which would you pick 12 or 3 3/4? I want to say 12" (speeder bike and scout!!!), but my heart says 3 3/4". I have no intention of quiting either, I'm just wondering what your opinions are, right, wrong or profane! Sith opinions welcome!

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    In my opinion, the only 12" figure ever made that even remotely looked accurate was the Scout Trooper on his Speeder Bike. The rest had heads too big for their bodies and equally terrible clothing. A scant few of the aliens looked sort of okay, but on the whole the look of that line turned me off completely.

    1 vote for 4".

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    I vote for 4" as well.

    I've found I can do just as much with 4" as other collectors do with 12"

    Playability is DEFINATELY a big issue . . . there's usually so much more you can do with 4", while the 12" can sometimes be just too big and clumsy, taking up wayyy too much space.

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    Yep. Space is an issue for me, and Im happier looking at a crowd of 50 or 60 little figues, and one cool ship than I am at 6 or 7 12 inch figs. I did love my Luke with Wampa and Han with Tauntaun sets a lot, they looked amazing, but when the finances started shrieking for help I had no qualms ditching the 12 inch stuff. My heart's always been with the small figures.

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    I too would go with 4".

    BTW, I'm copying this thread to the 12" section.
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    Booooo, 12" all the way.
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    I just don't know. I would have to say that I would keep the 12" simply because we get fewer rehashes, and the detail is better (not perfect, just better). The articulation is better (no where near perfect, just better), and they are much easier to see in a display from across the room.

    Now, on the other hand, if Hasbro would improve the 4" line, I might change my mind.
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    12" or 3-3/4"?

    Been there done that. I gave up my 3-3/4" figures a long time ago. I think it takes alot more dedication to collect the 3-3/4" line since there are obviously more figures, but like J, and DC said the detail is better. And of course b/c they are bigger.


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    IMHO, the best 12 inch Star Wars figures are made by Marmit!

    With that said, I do prefer the 3.75 inch line. I don't really like Hasbro's 12 inch line, with the exception of their droids and a couple of the non-human Bounty Hunters (IG-88, Zuckuss, 4-LOM).
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    4" are the best, but I am starting to see an interest in the 12". Only because I have got to get something new, and it isn't happening waiting on Hasbro to release new 4" figures.
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