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    The System Diagnostic feature of the Playstation 2 will automatically configure your PS2 to be able to play DVDs on your TV.

    The Playstation 2 can play original Playstation games too. You can experiment on texture smoothing to enhance the graphics by using the texture mapping option. But some games will slow down when textures are smoothened. The other option, disc speed, will change the CD read speed. You can actually increase the speed in reading PS games, therefore minimizing load times as you experienced in the PS console. The catch is that some games won’t work if the Speed is increased. Choose Standard for both if you want to play the game normally.
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    Mine had NEVER done anything like this, but i bought "Signs" and tried to watch it and last night, it was fine, but today, it keeps saying error and won't boot it. crap!!
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    Have you tried other disks- both DVD's and Games? Maybe your disk was scratched or something.

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    Hey bust this y'all: I called the Sony of America consumer hotline thing and tried to get some support over the phone. I told the guy what my problem was (it won't read certain DVD's and takes longer to read games now) and he gave me some basic steps to troubleshoot it. I gave him some basic info, like serial and model numbers and after a while, nothing was fixed yet. So, he gave me the address to send it to, as well as what i have to send with it and stuff, and since he couldn't give me help over the phone, they were going to fix it free of charge!!! I asked him if i was guaranteed my own system back, that they wouldn't do a swap and he said i'd get my own. rock the casbah!!
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    my ps2 was doin the same thing but i called sony and they said that since the thing gave me the message "disc read error" she was authorized to waive the repair fee. sounds good to me!
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    Ok, now my PS2 won't read games with blue backs, but games with silver backs work. Any advice on this?
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    I had this type of error for DVDs a few nights ago. My sister was trying out the VHS/DVD player she got for Christmas, and so we watched a few DVDs on that, and played games on the PS2 (of course) but after the VHS/DVD player was taken out and the DVD wouldn't work on the PS2 with a disc read error. No matter what DVD we tried it wouldn't work, but after I played a game of Bounty Hunter, the DVD worked fine with not even a glitch!

    Pretty weird, though I'm glad it works.
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    I had the same problem

    call sony at 1-800-345sony for customer support..... they will take info for and give you an address to mail you ps2 they will fix it free of charge. :happy:

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    I've come to the conclusion that I need to adjust the voltage to the CD reader, but I can't figure out how to do it. I may as well call Sony.
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    Don't send it in to Sony! The DRE (disk read error) is a very common problem with the older PS-2s (SCPH-30001 ). Though Sony denies this, but enough users have experienced it to lead me to believe that it is true. Save yourself the time and money (not to mention being deprived of your PS2 while the geniuses at Sony fix it!) and do it yourself!

    GameFaqs has an excellent FAQ on cleaning the laser and adjusting the voltage to fix the problem. I have done both myself, and the problem was fixed easily.

    The only thing is that it will involve opening up your machine, which will invalidate your warranty (which is only 90 days anyway).

    Anyway, here is the link to GameFaqs (PS2 Hardware):


    Click on PS2 at the top of the page, then on PS2 Hardware FAQs. There you'll find all of the PS2 Disk Read Error Faq.

    Good luck, let me know how it goes.
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