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    It's time for a good figure of YODA!

    I just finished setting up a display case with 4 scenes from AOTC:

    Dooku shooting lightning at Yoda (I used the lightning Yoda comes with).

    Dooku and Yoda fighting with lightsabers.

    The Deluxe Crane and some of Padme's Arena collumns falling on Obi-Wan and a one-arm-less Anakin while Dooku escapes Yoda.

    and finally, Yoda witness to a distressed Padme running straight to wounded Anakin in the aftermath. (I used those clear rubber bands to hold Padme's arm down!)

    But it occrured to me that all my scenes looked good - save for one figure: YODA!

    I'm using the Carded Saga, 1 Deluxe, and even 1 Flashback, in my scenes. The FB looks about the best - but the others don't even look like they're from the same product line as Dooky, Obi-Wan, and Anakin.

    I'm talking about Yoda's head detail, and his outfit and molded accessories.

    The vintage had a cloth Jedi robe, a removeable belt, (an orange snake ) , a properly colored brown walking stick, and 2 poseable legs!

    It took Hasbro 3 years in their modern collection just to make a Jawa with 2 legs... They've had 6 years to get Yoda right!

    Who here wants to see a definitive Yoda figure?

    *I hate resculpts, but this is ridiculous!
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    Well, we have atleast 2 Yoda's on the way for next year. I'm sure both of them of them will be good. I'm doubting that we'll get soft goods, but you never can tell. The vintage figure was pretty nice, but most of the modern versions of Yoda are superior. Hopefully we'll see pictures of the Yoda w/ Youngling 2-pack soon. Since it's from a exposition scene, he will be neutrally posed atleast.

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    Since they haven't made a good Yoda since 1980, I don't even want them to keep trying. They refuse to do him right, so they should just STOP!
    The vintage Yoda will be good enough for me.

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    I don't know, I kinda think that the first Yoda from the Saga line is pretty good. He is an action-scene specific figure, but I still like it.
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    Here's a thread where we discussed the best Yoda sculpt from a while back. And a link to the comparison pictures of Yoda thru the years. Like I said in the thread, the only complaint I have with the comparison pictures is that they used the dark green Saga Yoda. But the 1999 FB Yoda and the two Saga ones, are still superior to the goofy smiling vintage version.

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    Jar Jar Binks

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    With legs. a soft plastic lower inner robe with legs underneath or better yet soft goods lower inner robe with legs underneath. I'm fairly happy with the head sculpt of the saga Yoda but I want a Yoda with little legs. They did it for the Jawa and they can manage tiny little legs on salacious so they can do Yoda no sweat if they try a bit harder.

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    I definitly want a new AOTC yoda too, preferable 2
    one in a normal standing pose with his cane (hopefully the yoda with apprentice will look cool so that we don't need him then anymore)
    and one from the ligthsaber duel (yes, another one) that can finally hold his lightsaber in TWO friggin hands, like he did in the movie

    then I would be pleased
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    What amazes me is how Hasbro has yet to make a Yoda with the right feet (let's worry about legs later). On all the figures from 1995 - 1999, he had 3, count 'em, 3, toes on each foot. On the first two Saga Yodas, he has 5 (3 in front, 1 on each side). On the new Council one, he has 3 (obviously because it is from the 1999 mold). Have the Hasbro people never watched The Empire Strikes Back? It's clear he has 3 toes in front with another toe-like thing in the back. So he has 4 things sticking out of each foot, not 3, not 5, but 4. C'MON HASBRO!!!
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    Holy crap jabba john what a revolation. I looked at my flashback yoda from 98 and he had 3 toes. Then the new super stance yoda and he had 5 toes. And I thought that new figure couldn't be any worse.
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    Originally posted by JarJarBinks
    Since it's from a exposition scene, he will be neutrally posed atleast.
    I don't know about that.. wedding Anakin isn't exactly neutrally posed..


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