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    Jedi Rocks vs. Lapti Nek

    The Special Editions replaced the Lapti Nek song in Jabba's Palace with the Jedi Rocks song. But which one do you prefer.

    I prefer Lapti Nek, it seems more Star Warsy and alien-like than Jedi Rocks. Plus puppet Sy Snootles is by far better than the dreaded pixelated one .

    So what do you prefer?

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    Gotta go with "Jedi Rocks". It's just a wild outlandish alien musical number. Besides, that one line of "Lapti Nek" that sounds like she's singing "He's Muscle Man" makes me groan everytime I hear it. The extended band and back-up singers/dancers just seems more like somthing Jabba would reveal in. His extravagent tastes just scream "faster, more intense".

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    I like the song and puppets of Lapti Nek, but I like the extended band/dancers of Jedi Rocks. I don't like the title of the song "Jedi Rocks." They could have been a little more creative.

    So, overall, I guess I like Lapti Nek better.
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    I dunno, can't really decide.

    Lapti Neck - Quite subtle but it seems more like something they'd be playing late at night or something. Hated the "macho/muscle man" line but that could easily be changed in the soundtrack.

    Jedi Rocks - The dance number wasn't that great and was too distracting from the rest of the film (hated Sy's basic "uh-oh!" when Oola fell in) plus the CGI wasn't done very well. It seems like something that would be in Jabba's Palace cause it seemed more like a less-strict nightclub which would have that sort of music, the whole music video scene just doesn't fit though.
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    On the SE VHS from 1997, GL said that he thought it would be kinda funny to take a break and have a big musical number in the middle of a Star Wars film. I think I saw Lapti Nek when I was 7, but I don't remember it other than the bad puppet Sy. Oh well, I like Jedi Rocks a lot, but 1997 CG is a no-no.
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    I prefer Jedi Rocks.
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    I can't stand Jedi Rocks, this piece should be renamed "Rick McCallum Sucks". One of the most offensive uses of CGI in all of SW combined with one of the least-inspired and most-Earth-sounding pieces of music ever to leech its way into the films - I simply cannot abide this disgusting creature known as "Jedi Rocks".

    Now that I've shamelessly bashed the other side, let me tell you that I do indeed like Lepti Nek... a lot. I thought that bit had a song that felt very otherworldly and yet seedier than the Modal Nodes' tunes in the ANH cantina - thus setting a nice piece of atmosphere. As for Sy Snootles being very puppety, I agree but I prefer puppets to CG almost every time because I find it easier to suspend belief with something tangible.

    Also somewhat related to this, I prefer the Yub Nub Ewok celebration song waaaaaaay over the new ROTJ end-tune for basically the same reason, the new song sounds too Earth-based; of course, I also think it feels too much like it's trying much too hard to produce overemotion and was hammered into the film in a very ham-fisted fashion.
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    I'm going to have to say Lapti Nek. I don't know if it's b/c I'm used to that over the Jedi Rocks tune, but that's what I prefer. Now if they can do that with the CG Sy that would be better.

    About JT's comment on the end tune of ROTJ I have to disagree. I do like the "Yub Yub" song (in 6th grade my music teacher made us sing it for God sake) but the new tune seemes more like a victorious end ending, and fits the closing of the Saga better IMO.

    Which ever GL decides to use for the AE's is all good with me though.

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    As a musical piece, I like Jedi Rocks better. But I have to put that aside and say that Lapti Nek is better suited as an "alien" kind of sound that I would expect a distant civilization to have. Jedi Rocks is a little to Brittany Spears "pop-py" to me. Now, maybe if GL CG's in a shot of In-Sync...

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    The Lapti Nek song for sure!
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